One Piece chapter 971 error corrected by Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter

One Piece chapter 971 was just released today by the Weekly Shonen Jump both in digital and print. The printed copy, however, had a minor error that was corrected by Eiichiro Oda’s staff on Twitter.

It was a very small error but it would have caused confusion among fans were it not have been corrected. For those who are reading the digital copy of the manga, this is no problem as it was easy to correct the said error. However, it is different for the printed ones.

What was the error?

The error can be found on the 53rd page of the magazine, on the third panel of One Piece chapter 971. It was simply about the number of Oden’s vassals who were about to be executed along with him. The correction about the said error announced on the official Twitter account of One Piece reads:

Weekly Shonen Jump 12 released today
971 episode, there was an error in the notation because some journals could not correct it in time.

p54, 3rd frame

(Wrong) 10

Correct) 9 people

Sorry for causing confusion.
I will apologize and correct it.

There was no time to correct this since the printed copies are usually distributed to stores a few days before the official release. This is mainly how we get raw scans. Besides this, there was no other error reported. Now, let us have a quick review of this chapter.

One Piece chapter 971 review

The time for Oden and his vassals’ execution has arrived. The sentence was death by boiling alive. A huge pot with boiling oil was set up for the public to see. But just before Oden went into the pot of boiling oil, he asked for a chance arguing that he must survive no matter what.

His proposition was that all ten of them would enter the pot, but after the time Kaido would set, those who survive would be set free. Kaido agreed and gave them one hour. To save his men, Oden used a plank to carry the nine vassals while he was submerged in boiling oil.

It’s pretty obvious that Oden’s main intention was to save the Nine Red Scabbards, with whom he will leave his legacy.

The sight was not very popular with the people though as they got bored waiting too long for Oden and the others to die. What a cruel crowd. This is where Shinobu steps in and exposed what Orochi’s plan was about the country. She also revealed the truce between Oden and Orochi/Kaido which made Oden dance naked for 5 years.

What will happen next?

Unfortunately, the chapter ended there and we are not able to see the whole reaction of the populace. Will they now turn against Orochi upon learning his evil plan? Or will Orochi be able to turn this situation in his favor?

I feel like there will be another twist to this story. Many people say Oden is still alive, but I’m not so sure I’m on board on that idea. maybe Oden will survive after an hour, but there might be a commotion that would ultimately threaten Oden’s household.

If we remember in the first flashbacks of what happened twenty years ago, Toki, Hiyori, and Momonosuke were being hunted. Kaido even burned Oden’s castle to the ground. This only means that whatever happened after the boiling escalated to the point where Kaido would resort to such violent acts.

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Image credits: One Piece official Twitter account

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