One Piece Mysteries: The Great Kingdom - name and ideals revealed

With the recent chapters unfolding some hints about the link between Joy Boy and the present time, I think its time to revisit the Ancient Kingdom. Yes, this is another unsolved One Piece mystery. But by this time, we have more details to speculate even its name.

Yes, the name of this mysterious kingdom who once stood in power so great that it took a collection of twenty kingdoms to take down. So, let us dive into this right away and discover what the ancient kingdom was.

History: What we know so far

The existence of the Great Kingdom was first introduced to us in chapter 395 in a backstory of Robin. This is where we also learned that an ancient alliance who later became the world government was an enemy to the Great Kingdom. Given the obvious plot that the world government is the main antagonist of the story, we can safely assume that the Great Kingdom was not entirely bad.

We just know that they were the ones who created or called Ancient weapons as such. This is the world government’s main selling point for keeping the study of poneglyphs a crime. They emphasize on the possible global threat it poses once revived.

But according to Dr. Clover, the only ones who are threatened by this is the world government, since they were the enemy of that great kingdom.

Rise to power and downfall

A shred of evidence that the Great Kingdom was not a global threat in itself is the fact that it had allies. Most notably, the Kozuki clan who greatly helped in spreading the kingdom’s history and ideas. Also, all other kingdoms or places where poneglyphs are spread and protected are allied to the great kingdom.

According to a timeline in the Library of Oara, the great kingdom became so powerful just before the void century. This must have prompted the alliance of twenty kingdoms to take action and take it down. What doesn’t add up, however, is the motive behind taking down the great kingdom.

If they weren’t an evil country, why was there a need for them to fall? This is where personal agendas come in. I think Im and/or his ancestors instigated the alliance who put down the great kingdom. What gave me the idea? Well, the very fact that the empty throne in Mary Geoise, supposedly a symbol of equality, is occupied by Im himself.

Name and Ideals

We already established the feud between the world government and the great kingdom. Now let’s talk about its name and ideals. This is of great importance as it is the reason Dr. Clover was killed. According to him, it is the ideals of this great kingdom that presents a real threat to the world government.

Furthermore, Dr. Clover said that the most essential thing that holds the key to everything is the name of the great kingdom. But just before he could utter its name, Gorosei ordered his death. What does this tell us?

Is there any other name that poses a threat to the world government? A threat that is so great that they had to manipulate the press so that it would not come out. Yes, the D family. In chapter 968, Gol D. Roger’s name was changed to Gold Roger. And according to his crew, they know the reason why.


Oda is so genius that he managed to stretch the plot so much that it comes out little by little until the whole picture is drawn. This is what makes One Piece’s story great.

Going back to the topic, we know that the D is so-called the natural enemy of the gods or celestial dragons. My theory is that at the downfall of the great kingdom, the survivors spread out to the world to avoid execution. However, a plot to regain victory has been set embedded within the poneglyphs.

It is impossible that a sole family or clan survived. So, to keep their identities a secret, and to let other survivors recognize them, they used the code D. In that case, the letter D must have a great connection to the name of the great kingdom. And its ideals are called the will of D.

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