Crostini container size randomly increasing? New resizing feature flag to come out on Chrome OS stable

You know Chromebook isn’t a full-fledged laptop. Once got mocked for being a ‘mere web browser’, it runs on the lightweight Chrome OS. However, the Mountain View giant has improvised their platform step by step over the last few years to enhance the feature-set.

Chrome OS 69 brought an incredible feature that enticed almost all the users. Dubbed as Crostini, it allows Chromebooks to have Linux desktop applications. The main perks of getting Crostini is its ability to run Android apps.


Google didn’t make the feature available for everybody at first. Eventually, we saw it coming to more Broadwell-powered Chromebooks. And, we hope they won’t delay Crostini for Skylake devices as well.

Nevertheless, the path wasn’t flowery for the users. Those who started using it from the beta build itself suffered from network issues. Even after the feature had gone live on the public channel, the bugs haven’t departed yet.

What is bugging many users right now is the increasing container size. For the same reason, they need to reinstall Linux apps to keep on enjoying the functionality without havoc. Have a look at a couple of user concerns from Twitter.

Crostini can’t shrink the container size so it regularly runs out of space. i have scripts to recreate my env, but they always break because my script updates only vaguely match what i actually did, and testing it is a hassle. if i automatically had nightly tests that’d be nice.

Crostini disk resizer

Chrome OS never allowed users to set the size limit for Linux container. That means the end-user had to live with the system-determined space. With it amassing and causing issues, consumers raised the need for disk resize feature on official forum.

Guess what? The need has been granted. You can now resize the disk space allotted for Crostini using a feature flag. However, it’s only available for canary channel now. Don’t worry! You can expect the same for regular users without a massive delay.
crostini disk resizing

Thanks Some_Random_Username for the tip!

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