Among smartphone users, Google Pixel comes under esteemed category not just because it’s expensive but due to its origin traces straight back to the Mountain View tech titan. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make it devoid of bugs.

If you happen to be a Pixel user, you might have experienced multiple bugs after Android 10 update. For instance, camera crashing, battery indicator stuck glitch, issues pertaining to USB debugging, Google Assistant troubles, and the list is long.

Google Pixel

Apparently, Android 10 wasn’t pleasant rather it irritated users with multiple concerns. For many Pixel 3a users, installing the OTA stole the ability of their devices to tinker with the media volume. A post on the forum post contains dozens of recent comments below.

google pixel sound

Though this category of users don’t have any issues with notification volume, we could stumble upon many complaints from customers who couldn’t hear their alarms post the major OS overhaul. However, some of them could fire the sound using third-party applications

Google Pixel alarm issue

I have the same issue with my Pixel 3. No alarm, no incoming call ringtone, no text notification. I can play media but no notification. I was speaking with Verizon and Google for nearly 2 hours last night (well 1.5 hours on hold) and they came to the solution of “you will have to take it in to get it fixed at your expense” since the factory defect is no longer our issue. This is upsetting.

pixel alarm issue

The screenshot you see above comes from a Pixel user, and according to him the toggle to fire alarms & timers are greyed out. Moreover, this issue seems to have affected Pixel 2/2 XL/3/3a/3 XL and even Pixel 4 consumers (1, 2, 3, 4).

Pixel 3a alarms not working and I can’t figure out how to fix it???
Alarms are not working on my Pixel 3A. I am not even getting missed alarm notifications. I looked through other topics on this and have disabled and reenabled and also cleared the cache to no avail. Needless to say I am not impressed. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Update: So an alarm works when I use the Sleep by Android app, but there is still no notification and no way to turn it off?! I am starting to regret this budget purchase. This is absolutely ridiculous

As a possible solution, a user has suggested downloading Earphone mode off. And, it seems to have fixed the no media volume trouble for several people. Try your luck!

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