Apple never truly had a sweet time with iOS 13. Right from the release, we were hearing about multiple issues related to Personal Hotspot, duplicate mails, Apple Watch voice memo syncing, Fitbit notifications, Siri, and what not!

One of the prominent problems iOS 13 brought to the device was a messed up WiFi mechanism. Despite trying multiple ways to evade the trouble, people used to find it difficult over and over again to connect to a wireless network.

iOS 13
iOS 13

The incremental updates tried to minimise this bug. Eventually, the number of people who found themselves in the nasty WiFi chaos decreased. Nonetheless, even after releasing iOS 13.3, there are many (1, 2) living with the same issue.

ios 13.3 wifi problems

When you look at the comments, you would know it isn’t an isolated concern. Interestingly enough, some people are getting issues only when they try to connect to a specific network. Let’s leave that aside and move to mobile data.

It seems like even with iOS 13.3 out there, users are having a hard time trying to enable cellular network (1, 2, 3, 4). And, on Twitter, we could find more people (1, 2) condemning the Cupertino vendor for ruining bluetooth connectivity with the latest update.

There’s another FaceTime error. And, it makes units juggle between WiFi and mobile data (both being stable) instead of holding onto one. To tell the truth, the origin of it on iOS 13 dates back to October. Unfortunately, we could spot recent posts on Reddit about the same.

As iOS 13.3 went live, iMessage also made its entrance to the list of bugging applications. Many users (especially on GoogleFi) couldn’t get it to work. We could even find a post on Apple support forum that hit the web a few days ago.

iMessage “waiting for activation”
Context: I ported my number over from Verizon yesterday along with my iPhone XR, and my iMessage/SMS service is basically operating a bit nutty. Examples:
– Most text messages are going to Hangouts and not my phone
– iMessage is not working
– My ported phone number is not considered as activated for iMessage
– Under Settings > Messages (as well as Settings > FaceTime), a “waiting for activation” notification is up. When I try to turn off iMessage and turn it back on again, I get the “An Error occurred during activation. Try Again.” notification.
I did update all my carrier settings to match the Fi insert card, FYI.
Any thoughts?

GoogleFi iOS 13.3 imessage

As you can see in the above image, many confirmed the issue got solved by itself. So, Google might have changed some configurations to match with those of the latest iOS 13.3.

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