Good news to all who are looking for a copy of One Piece: Stampede. The long wait is almost over, as Blu-ray and DVD version of the movie will be released by early 2020. This is according to a press release by Tower Records Online.

Tower Records Japan is one of the largest retailers of music and AV products in Japan. They will be distributing the Blu-ray and DVD versions of One Piece: Stampede.

The search for the king’s treasure

One Piece: Stampede is the 14th One Piece movie, released in Japan on August 9, 2019. The movie was released in celebration of the 20th year anniversary of the series. The setting is on Delta Island in the new world, where Buena Festa hosts a pirate expo.

The purpose of the expo is to search for a treasure left behind by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Later in the story, the treasure is revealed to be an eternal pose leading to Laugh Tale. Laugh Tale is the last island in the new world where the ultimate treasure One Piece rests.

However, the expo was a trap made by Buena Festa and Douglas Bullet, the main antagonist of the story. Bullet intended to kill all the pirates in attendance and make his way to becoming the next Pirate King.

An all-star movie

The movie casts more than 200 prominent characters from the One Piece world. The main antagonist, Douglas Bullet, known as the Demon heir, used to be a member of the Pirate King’s crew. Among those in attendance of the expo are big pirate names, including the Supernovas.

The G-5 unit headed by Smoker and Tashigi were also present investigating. The Warlords and CP-0 were also present. Later the marines join the scene in response to a buster call by Buena Festa. They were led by Fujitora who had a one-on-one scene with Zoro. Sabo also came to represent the Revolutionary Army.

When those in the island learned Buena Festa’s plot to eradicate them, an unexpected alliance formed. The alliance includes Straw hat Luffy, Boa Hancock, Smoker, Law, Sabo, Buggy, and Crocodile. Law planned a combo-attack to take down Bullet and they successfully did.

Box office hit

The movie was a great success not only in Japan but in other parts of the world. Fans all over the world have greatly anticipated the Movie since its announcement.

As a result, the movie garnered more than 5.5 billion yen sales in Japan, and 9.3 billion yen worldwide. The film ranked number one on its launch in Japan, selling over 356,000 tickets on its opening day. It was recorded as the largest first-day attendance at the Japanese box office so far in 2019.

The long wait will be over soon

One Piece: Stampede was shown in over 21 countries worldwide, including the United States. However, some countries did not have the opportunity to see the film. Some fans even gather signatures as a petition for the movie to be shown in cinemas in their country.

Fortunately, for those who have not seen the film, the theatrical version of the movie in Blu-ray and DVD will be released on March 18, 2020. This will be a great opportunity for fans and collectors.

The Blu-ray version will release in a special deluxe edition, special edition and standard edition. The special deluxe edition will include a variety of special add-ons. In addition, a super-deluxe version will be released with a bonus disc that includes the public commemorative stage greetings.

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