Imagine you meet a person who had never played a video game in the last ten years. If you show him a game today, he will be awestricken to see its close-to-real graphics. In short, we have come a long way in designing games that resemble our real world.

It’s the same for mobile games as well. The increased power of the smartphone chipsets made the devices eligible for rendering immense graphics. And, that’s how mobile gaming bagged huge popularity.

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You know there are many video game categories. Some like splashing blood all over the screen by shooting bullets into the enemies whereas some others want to play with zero violence. In case you fall under the second category, you can’t overlook a genre called sports.

In the sports genre, soccer games have an enormous fan following. FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer)- they compete neck-to-neck in this category. You might have already read our story on the release of PES 2020 mobile.

Konami put the previous version into a 4-day long maintenance to migrate to the 2020 edition. Even after the completion of the maintenance, the users were having a number of annoying issues (related to gameplay, controls, etc.).

Now, the Japanese company has released version 4.0.2 by fixing most of the bugs we used to get earlier. The disappointing fact is that you will have to exhaust more than 1.5 GB of data just for an incremental upgrade. Oddly enough, the update weighed only 100+ MB for some.

PES 2020 mobile update android

The process to update to the latest version is a no brainer. You just have to open the app store, visit PES 2020 page, and there you go! Having played a few matches, I think Konami has put a lot of work to eliminate almost all the issues. You can read the changelog below.

Update details

– Changed the name of Colombia’s league, as well as the name of clubs belonging to the

– Improved game stability, thereby reducing the occurrence of crashes

A number of issues were fixed.

– An issue that occasionally prevents you from shooting the ball after performing a feint.

– An issue that prevents certain carryover players from using unique actions that they were
able to use in PES 2019.

– An issue in Campaign mode’s Action Matches that causes the tutorial for set pieces to
display even if you’ve seen it before.

– An issue that causes goal kicks aimed toward the sides to travel down the centre of the pitch
instead, triggered by using [Switch View] to change the camera to the side-on view before

You can avoid this issue by using the overhead view (from behind the goal) during goal kicks.

– An issue that prevents you from renewing an expired Manager contract if you do not perform
a free renewal when prompted to do so post-match.

A workaround for this issue was implemented during maintenance on 24/10/2019. See the
“Contract Renewal Issue Affecting Managers’ post for more details.

– An issue that affects users who had the Classic command-type selected when they updated
to v4.0.1, causing the control overlay displayed during matches to disappear.
This issue can be rectified by going to [Extras] — [Settings] — [Play Settings], and adjusting the
opacity of the overlay via the [Button Opacity] option under [Classic Control Settings].

– An issue where the [Convert Players] button doesn’t work.

If you encounter this issue, please return to the previous screen by pressing [Back] and then go
to the Trainer menu again.

– An issue where even though the Tactics was set as Defensive’, it changes to Offensive’ in
the pre-match squad management menu.

For now, please remember to set your squad’s tactics to “Defensive” every time in the pre-
match squad management menu or the pause menu.

PES 2020 mobile 4.0.2
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Still, there is a bug remaining, which greys out the You/Top button in the Global and Local ranking pages. For the same reason, you can’t jump to your own rank on the leaderboard. But, they say a fix will go live on 14 November.

Wandering around on Reddit, we got to see isolated complaints from a few users. Although I have noticed no serious problems, laggy menus and game crashes are bugging some. Hopefully, everything will go back to normal after 14 November.

Enough of the update and concerns. Guess what! Yesterday, Konami has announced their partnership with the Russian club FC Zenit. In case you are naive, they won Russian Premier League five times, 2007–08 UEFA Cup and the 2008 UEFA Super Cup.

Note:- In some regions, it may take some time for the update to show up.

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