We have come a long way from Spacewar! (world’s first digital video game). Today, if you want to play graphic intensive titles, you will need a capable machine because the innards should be equipped to render the graphics. That’s why budget PCs can’t offer optimum gameplay experience.

Immersive games are available even on mobile phones now. With the increasing potential of gadgets, developers are pushing updates to bring their titles close to the reality. When mobile gaming had become a thing, manufacturers started releasing gaming phones too.

The original Razer Phone

Even though gaming laptops aren’t new, gaming phones are! You might remember Razer Phone and ROG Phone. Both Razer and Asus did upgrade their offerings with second iterations. Of those, ROG Phone II hit the market in September this year.

A week ago, they rolled out a wide update to the units with AirTriggers improvements and touch fixes (the first generation still runs on Android Oreo, though). And, the OEM published a list of games supporting above 60fps gameplay even before.

Now, we spotted a couple of issues from different ROG Phone 2 users. The first one seems to have affected many. A user has posted about it on the official forum. You can have a look at it below to get in-depth information.

I recently received the Rog 2 Indian unit, and while tinkering with the brightness I found something weird, that is if I set the brightness from 0-50% the dark grey Colors (like the ones used in google apps for dark mode, and the dark grey color used in the notification bar of the Rog if the system theme is set to dark)
The dark grey Colors at lower brightness (i.e from 0-50%) seems to be reddish.
Below I have attached two pics, take of the Rog 2.
The app used was inshorts (in its dark mode) the one with dark grey color is the real color of the app seen above 50% brightness and the other reddish tint is seen from 0% brightness.
P.s it’s not the wallpaper or any specific app it happens with any wallpaper, any app which uses the dark grey color(like google photos, Goole play store dark etc.) and it can be seen at lower brightness. The thing was very hard to click on camera but I still clicked it.
It’s something similar to the S8 red tint and the pixel blue tint.
Yes, in the Rog telegram group I did find another person who has the same issue and hence it seems like a fault from Asus.
Also I tried reaching Asus but as usual they aren’t replying.

ROG Phone II red tint issue

A moderator himself could recreate this issue on a test unit. Quoting him, the problem surfaces when the brightness level is at 10%. Sadly, there are many who keeps their phones’ brightness down in the night. No official fix has been rolled out until now.

The second glitch is pertaining to Android Auto. According to a user, whenever he tries to connect to cars, he often gets com.android.bluetooth keeps stopping error. For the same reason, retaining a connection becomes impossible.

ROG Phone 2 car bluetooth problem

You may also have this issue. However, the company hasn’t officially acknowledged it. Neither did they untied any fix. So whenever that happens, you can expect an update to this story.

Note:- Don’t forget to stay tuned to our Asus section.

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