Apex Legends dropped their Season 3 gameplay trailer recently and eagle-eyed fans have spotted a part of the teaser which looks like a teaser for new attachments coming to the game in Season 3.

The gameplay trailer which was released recently gave us a sneak peak on what to expect from Season 3 of Apex Legends. New skins, a whole new map, a new legend and a new transportation method! All in one, Season 3 will one of the most content enriched Season up until now.

Apex Legends: New attachments possibly teased in the gameplay trailer

The new trailer also gave us lot of teasers and we have possibly figured out two of them. There seems to be new attachments coming to Apex Legends in Season 3. The new attachments will most probabaly be in the form of hop-ups.

The hop-ups are weapon specific attachments aimed at balancing the weapon. The lower tier weapons are given hop-up to increase the damage of the weapon so that players would use them as well.

The hop-ups like the Disruptor Rounds for RE-45 and Alternator and Hammerpoint Rounds for Mozambique and P2020 are the special attachments making these weapons more flexible or increase the damage of the weapon.

Apex Legends: New attachments possibly teased in the gameplay trailer

A Reddit user who analysed the video, and uploaded a short clip of the trailer slowed down to show the new hop-ups that may be coming in Season 3. The clip shows the R-301 fired in single-shot mode and G7 Scout shot in a two round burst.

While all this is unconfirmed, the evidence from the clip and the data leaks look pretty convincing. Take a look at the clip below –

Guys, I noticed this in the Trailer, These May be the new Hop UPS for Season 3, “High Caliber” For the R-301, which increases the damage bullets make when switching to Single Fire, and “Double Tap” for the G7 Scout, Which fires at a 2 round burst. I know you saw it, I had to look into detail.
byu/PancyPantsBallsyCock inapexlegends

Some data leaks from the data miner That1MiningGuy found two new hop-ups in the data files – High Caliber Rounds and the Dounble Tap. Take a look at the tweet below –

Apex Legends: New attachments possibly teased in the gameplay trailer
High Caliber Rounds and Double Tap leaked from data files.

The new hop-ups have made players hyped for Season 3. But some have pointed out how the new hop-ups for the Alternator made it pretty impossible to win against it. Plus the fact that the loot spawn is so erratic, the new hop-ups could also mean that the new weapons getting these may get too powerful as well.

While the loot problem remains, the devs have already answered it and have said that the loot distribution is the same. Players have reported that even after that the loot spawn remains a big issue. Are your hands itching to fire the weapons with new attachments? Let us know in the comment section below!

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