One Piece chapter 956: X-Drake's goal will be revealed

We’ve been fed with major plot twists in the previous two chapters of One Piece. One of the most notable is Law’s mysterious helper in chapter 954, and his unexpected appearance in the latter part of chapter 955. In the next chapter we can expect more mind blowing plot twists related to Law & his helper.

Many speculations arising from the previous events led fans to believe that the person who helped Law escape was actually X-Drake. This is quite presumptuous especially considering his allegiance to Kaido. But if it was Drake, why would he do that? What’s in it for him? And what would be his ultimate goal?

Let me sight few possible answers to these questions. But first let’s talk about X-Drake’s history which might be the key to unlocking this whole mystery.

X-Drake’s past

In chapter 767, Doflamingo was hunting Law and Rosinante in an island where a pirate group held possession of the Ope-Ope no mi. Since Law already consumed the devil fruit, Doflamingo annihilated the whole pirate crew.

The captain of the pirate crew was Diez Barrels, Drake’s father. Barrels was a former marine turned pirate. Just before Doflamingo activated the bird’s cage, X-Drake who was then known as Dorry was able to escape. He was then rescued by the marines and later became part of the marine himself.

Drake was not always useful as a young pirate as his father so declared. This could possibly root from Drake’s desire to become a marine like his father used to be. Seeing his father turned against the marine and becoming a pirate must have devastated Drake.

No good son would try to replicate their father’s mistake. So why did Drake become a pirate?

X-Drake against Kaido’s men

Let me discuss first the speculation that many fans believe to be true.

Before the time skip, Drake was last seen in chapter 595. He and his crew were in a winter island in the new world. Drake seemed to have been looking for something or someone. They bumped into a huge iron dome and were met by someone who declared that the island is one of Kaido’s favorite and that he was assigned to guard it.

The guardian of the island warned Drake that if they did something to piss off Kaido, the Emperor of the sea would seek after his head. Instead of backing out or heeding the warning, Drake commenced an attack saying ‘it would make things easier for him’. It was as if Drake was provoking Kaido to come after him.

It is not uncommon for the pirates from the worst generation to go after the Emperors of the sea. Indeed it is the supernova’s goal to rise above the Yonkos and eventually become the pirate king. We have seen this in several occasions where alliances were formed to take down an Emperor.

But during that time, Drake was in no possible way a match for Kaido. X-Drake seems to be smart at calculating a gap of strength between him and his opponents. We’ve seen him do it in his encounter with Kizaru in Sabaody Archipelago, where he was obviously alarmed to see the admiral.

Having said that, why would Drake dare cross Kaido at that early moment when they just managed to enter the new world?

X-Drake was sent to spy on Kaido

Currently, X-Drake is one of Kaido’s top Headliners which tells us that his past encounter with Kaido’s men did not go well. And as customary to Kaido, he would not kill a strong opponent but would break their spirit until they submit to him or die. But it might have gone as Drake planned all along.


I think X-Drake wanted to be captured by Kaido and make it seem like he was forced to work for the Emperor. This way he could get closer to Kaido and extract intel that he could then send to the marine headquarters. If this would be true, then we just might see the marine joining the war in Wano.

X-Drake seeks Revenge

Another theory about why X-Drake would betray Kaido is to avenge himself and his crew.

Assuming Drake becoming a pirate was a psychological effect of what his father turned out to be, Drake would have the pride of a pirate like what we see in other supernovas. X-Drake, like Hawkins could just be waiting for the perfect timing to strike back.

It is interesting to note that at his defeat against Law, Hawkins brought up Law’s alliance with Luffy to take down Kaido. Probably he was expecting that sooner or later, the other supernovas would make a move, especially after Luffy’s grand escape from Big Mom’s territory.

The same can be said for X-Drake. He could be harboring hatred towards Kaido, & seeing his fellow supernovas on the move, he might take his chance to cooperate with them and take down the Emperor.


So the two theories are as follows:

1. X-Drake is a deep cover spy of the marines to monitor Kaido’s operations. With Kizaru’s ressolve to eliminate all the pirates in the world, it is reasonable to think that he would keep an eye on them especially the big names like the Emperors.
2. X-Drake, just like Kid and Hawkins seeks revenge against Kaido. Cooperating with other strong pirates could give me a hope for success.

Whichever the case would be, it is pretty exciting to see X-Drake and the other supernovas working together. They can have the same mentality with Kaido and Big Mom. They can kill each other later, but for now cooperate to achieve a common goal.

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