[EXCLUSIVE] Samsung Galaxy S10 / One UI gets custom theming via Hex Installer - here's an early preview

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At PiunikaWeb, we always try to find out independent developers and highlight their work. These guys are doing wonders in their free time for the sake of creativity and the whole community of users gets the benefits of their handiworks.

The Edge Lighting Fix app can unleash the true potential of the Edge Lighting feature in Samsung S series phones

When it comes to custom theming support, the situation is a little bit complicated in case of Samsung phones. Although the Android Pie based One UI skin from the Korean OEM features custom fonts as well as rudimentary theming, the options are pretty limited.

Well, not any more! Thanks to the developers like Tim Wilkens, Reinemar Saplagio (popularly known as envy~) and Sathish Kumar Bangarusamy (aka sathishtony), Samsung users are now able to use third party themes and fonts on their unrooted Galaxy S10, Note 9 and other phones running One UI.

Bodhisattva V5 PIE Theme for One UI

Both sathishtony and envy~ told us that they were working together to build the next generation theming solution for Samsung phones running Android Pie. The new app would be the unified solution for themers, customizers and end users, while maintaining simplicity at its core design.

Presenting Hex Installer for One UI!


In a nutshell, Hex Installer is an all-in-one platform for theming modern Samsung Android phones. The following features are the main attraction of the app:

  • 60 Themeable apps. All for Samsung.
  • UI combos Regular+Default / Regular+Bodhi / NoteUI+Default / NoteUI+Bodhi
  • Custom Fonts support
  • Third party apps support
  • 16 Coloring options that lets you theme everything with endless possibilities
  • Tweaks for OneUI
  • Compatible with GoodLock
  • NightMode along with your theme
  • Live Previews for easy theming
  • Simple UI that smoothens the UI Experience

envy~ and sathishtony are relentlessly toiling to polish up things before the final release. However, PiunikaWeb was able to sneak into their busy workshop and extracted some behind-the-scene info.

PW: Have you guys re-used the asset patching method like in themeGalaxy, or is this something new?

envy~: Yes we are and we made it more stable and more user friendly for users, before they have to uninstall/install theme components 3-4 times every time they compile a theme, now they just have to update install those 3-4 theme components and re apply the theme..

And Hex got’s its own compiler built in and not relying to the old Custom One UI Installer like themeGalaxy


PW: Guess every One UI device is supported now, including non S series phones?

envy~: Yes basically all Samsung phones who uses PIE firmware, Rooted or NonRooted


PW: Are you guys going to support all these apps (GxFonts, galaxy Themes, Custom One UI theme installer) further?

envy~: Yes those apps will remain and continue to get updates as Hex app is just an All in One alternative to it like themeGalaxy.

basically Hex is just a simplified themeGalaxy with the only focus is the custom theme feature it has. + 3rd party apps support, hand picked selected tweaks and more updated UI elements.


PW: Any plan to open source the project(s)?

envy~: Still no and its up to my partner to hold this decision.. because hes the main app developer, im only incharge for FAQ, theme design, and UI.

The app is currently listed in Google Play as ‘Unreleased’, as it may take around a month or so before final release. envy~ further illustrated the roadmap and the philosophy behind this innovative solution:

*Hex is not a full alternative to subs in regards to 3rd party apps, as Samsung theme is limited to how many overlays to be included on the theme..
*but hex got more customization offerings than other installer, basically its a “Theme Control” as to how you understand the term “Rom Control”
*Hex installer will introduce Android Q mode, (with android Q notification panel and Settings app dashboard icons) in the future


sathishtony was extremely busy with coding the app as well as real life duties, yet he managed to describe the following:

Swift and Subs using a different method to install the theme not via theme store.. Ours is theme store way as always.. We have our trump card already incase of Samsung blocks this in an update.

Seems that these guys are determined to to give Samsung owners a strong but user-friendly foundation of easy theming. Interested users should visit the discussion thread in XDA, while get the unreleased app by clicking here. Hex Installer is paid though, with an expected final price tag of ₹120/$2.

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