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With the release of the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, Xiaomi/Redmi reignited the speculations about the successor to the original Pocophone F1. The Chinese OEM may rebrand the lineup as Poco as well as Mi 9T (Pro) in global markets.

Redmi K20 Pro

Pocophone Global, an independent subsidiary of Xiaomi, launched their first phone aka Poco F1 back in August 2018. Due to the extremely competitive pricing, coupled with a flagship grade configurations, the phone got huge critical and commercial success.

However, the Pocophone F1 users faced a number of software and hardware related issues since the inception. Apart from the noticeable touch screen woes, glitches like broken fast charge or abnormal battery drain are worth mentioning.

Pocophone F1

Truth to be told, the company relentlessly fixed hundreds of user reported bugs. They even introduced new features, such as Game Turbo mode and per-app notch handling via OTA update.

As a matter of fact, enabling Widevine L1 support via software update was perhaps the most noticeable event in the Pocophone community. The OEM truly went one step ahead from their competitors in this regard.


Making a product without any flaw is nothing but a utopian dream. The Poco F1 is not an exception, as users are still complaining about a long-lasting bug about having echos while making or receiving calls.


Anyone else facing this problem? I have echo on classic phone calls. A lot of people told me that they hear themself while talking with me. I didnt have problem with that before 10.3.4 so probably is some software bug or? What do you suggest (using phone on classic OTA updates without root / without unlocked bootloader)

thanks in advance



Since the recent update, during phone calls, some people whom I was talking complained that they are hearing some bitter noise, sometimes can’t hear my words. they hear their own voice (echo).
My Pocophone F1 is now running on MIUI 10.3.4.o stable rom.

What is the sollution? Plz help me fixing this


Judging from the sudden surge of reports after the latest stable MIUI OTA (which was pulled back in some regions), one can infer that the root cause of the bug is hidden inside the newest build. However, we are able to find out more reports from the past.

Hello and I know this has been posted again some times. I’m using the latest open beta 9.1.24, and sometimes the other party in the call hears an echo. It seems that this problem doesn’t occur on the stable version. Is anyone else experiencing this? In what version? Is this a confirmed bug?



Hello guys,

I have been facing a problem for a while. Some people whom i’m talking to are complaining that they can hear their own voice while we are speaking on the phone, like some kind of echo; I tried a few solutions like moving the sim to another slot. I even gave up on MIUI by installing a custom rom, with no success as it seems.

The problem disappears while i’m using the earbuds or i’m talking on the speaker. So please if you know any solution to my problem, please replay cause it’s annoying as hell.
Thank you sincerely.

PS: I think it’s an issue with the noise cancellation or something like that


The symptoms are more or less same; presumably the noise cancellation routine doesn’t work as intended. Some people over XDA forums decided to fiddle with the mixer path values to get rid of this nasty bug.

Tuned out, the mod could be used as an effective solution for some users, although root access is mandatory.

This will set top mic sensitivity to 0, noise cancellation will not work but you can adjust “<ctl name=”DEC8 Volume” value=”0″ />” as needed to have a little noise cancellation, default is 84. I’ve set it to 0 and i find it very good, no complains about the sound quality.

Also I’ve set 92 as the sensitivity for the lower mic, and it helps a little. Adjust <ctl name=”DEC7 Volume” value=”92″ /> as you wish, default is 84.

Alvin Tse, the head of Pocophone Global, is aware of the issue as well. According to him, the Chinese OEM will introduce the fix as a part of the upcoming beta release for Poco F1.


FYI, Xiaomi skipped last week’s 9.5.23 weekly beta update for the Poco F1. The phone is currently stuck at 9.5.17 beta update, but it should eventually get this week’s MIUI 9.5.30/31 build. We hope the echo and noise problem will be addressed in the latest update.

Are you running MIUI beta on your Pocophone F1? Let us know by commenting below.

Update 1 (June 18)

The in-call echo bug in Poco F1 has been fixed in both beta & stable updates, but the touch issue prevails – especially in stable build of June. Take a look at this article for more info.

Update 2 (June 24)

Poco F1 received MIUI OTA last week as a monthly update of June. However, the update is temporarily pulled back due to low speaker volume bug. See here for more info.

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