Google Chrome bookmark favicon change issue to be fixed soon

Google Chrome v73/74 updates which introduced Dark Mode on Mac & Windows 10 instigated many problems. Unreadable download bar, browser crashing on printing, bookmarks deleting/disappearing automatically and glitchy Clear browser data functionality were some issues that we highlighted.

Dark Mode on Windows 10

And now the list appears to be getting long. We have caught sight of yet another Chrome bug that is apparently being chimed since the browser v74 got live. The problem has to do with favicons – the website icons that appear on tabs.

Affected Windows and Mac users report the bookmarks favicon icons weirdly keep changing to icons of other visited site. Take a look at how some of the users word the problem:

Chrome is pulling favicons randomly from various sites visited and replacing favicons in bookmarks toolbar with those randomly pulled favicons.

As someone else said, it’s relief that it’s happening to others too. Felt it could be malware. For me it’s many (not all) sites bookmarks on the ‘bar, including Twitter, fb, gmail(!), and others. Today I notice that it can be the favicon in the tab too

I noticed today my bookmark toolbar icons keep changing. When I go on Facebook, the Twitter icon changes to Facebook and vice versa. Now when I look up, my twitter and facebook have my xfinity icon. Please advise. This is not right!

Chrome-bookmarks-favicons-issueuser shared image
User shared image of randomly changing favicons

A Mac user also shared a picture displaying the same problem in question:

User shared image
User shared image of changing favicons

Apart from the official Google Chrome help forum, a bug report has also been recently filed on Chromium issue tracking website, highlighting the same glitch. But nothing much has been said there.

However, on Google Chrome help forum, an affected user recently shared they’ve been informed by a Twitter employee that this bookmarks issue will be resolved in the next Chrome update, i.e. v75 that should be coming soon. Here’s what the user said:

User comment

While looking for proof, we were able to locate the Twitter employee in question on the microblogging platform. Following is their tweet:

A quick look at the link shared by @CharlieCroom states the favicons issue has already been fixed internally in Canary v76.0.3783.0 (that rolled out on May 03).

Issue fixed internally

But, as stated by @CharlieCroom, the same fix expected to arrive on the stable channel with Chrome version 75. So those on stable build will have to wait until v75 gets live.

It’s also worth stressing the Chromium issue tracking page where the bug is addressed, talks specifically about the problem on Mac. However, the same issue is being discussed under another bug that mentions the problem is not OS specific.

So it’s safe to assume the problem has been resolved for both Windows as well as Mac. Those of you facing the problem discussed here, keep an eye on the next stable Chrome update.

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