Leakster-PR head war of words hypes up upcoming LG G8 ThinQ launch

What makes a good phone?

In short, it depends on perspective. For the designer, possibly a mind blowing design. For the seller, I guess it’s the factor of profit. For end users – I guess I should stop trying. Universal satisfaction is way too complicated.

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If you guys still insist to dig dipper, I would say perception varies with presentation. That’s why they need to maintain public relations, create adverts, start competitions, and controversies.

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Consumers want reviews before buying a product, say a smartphone. People are craving for ‘personal recommendations’ in the world of crafted reviews. A new genre of tech reviewers are here to guide them, interact with them, and cherry pick the best model – all with a ‘personal touch’.

Phone makers jump on the bandwagon, and start collaborating with these people. Send free review/development units, take them overseas to attend launch parties, arrange public teardowns…. these are nice sugarcoats on the primitive need to boost acceptance towards wider audience.

Oh yes, and there are leaks and associated scandals! The chain of trust is never secure, and vulnerabilities are everywhere. Curiosity is an elementary desire, and it needs food to grow more.

LG is one of those few OEMs who are associated with Android since the beginning. Google produced handful of Nexus phones in collaboration with LG, including the legendary Nexus 5. LG’s own flagship G series used to have a huge fan followings.

Well, the present LG is nothing but the shadow of the past. They are not present in top five global smartphone vendors for a while and less likely to come back soon. Their last few flagships failed to draw the spotlights and the South Korean company faced critical financial backslash with their mobile division.

When people feel internal restructurings are not enough, they choose to play Russian roulette. Even if they know their secrets are out, they keep denying it. Bring up more evidences – sure, start a drama!

What really happened

The CAD renders of LG G8 ThinQ were leaked publicly, courtesy to famous leakster Steve H.McFly AKA @OnLeaks and 91mobiles.

Kenneth ‘Ken’ Hong, head of global corporate communications of LG Electronics, satirically denied the authenticity of the renders & called them ‘speculative’.

David Ruddock, managing editor of Android Police, claimed that they saw the phone themselves. The amount of differences between the physical version against the renders should be very much limited.


Artem Russakovskii, founder of Android Police joined the conversation and asked OnLeaks to comment. OnLeaks presented a bag full of old LG related leaks which were proven accurate. Tim Wrobel, senior editor of Droid Life was part of the same thread.

Hong continued to poke OnLeaks about the accuracy:

Now XDA published the press renders of the same phone which matched with the previous leak. OnLeaks returned a solid reply supported by this development. Ken immediately unfollowed him.

More publications and leaksters joined the party.



Keep on trying to attract as much focus as they can, and the mass will eventually follow. Hook up an imaginary carrot in front of them, so they can expect at least a portion of them will ride in the hype train.

Allow me to slide back to the perspective part. There is always a motive behind the preparation phase of a perspective.


A new dog sometimes needs to learn an old trick. ?

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