This article is an attempt to create an archive of everything related to Samsung Galaxy S10, right from the first rumor/leak to its launch to all firmware updates and bugs/issues after release. The idea is to create a one stop spot for those interested in the S10 as well as those who’ll use it after launch.

The article is being maintained by Kingshuk De (de.kingshuk{at}, and will be updated on daily basis between 9:00AM and 9:00PM (IST timezone). To access latest updates, scroll to the bottom of the story.

February 2018

Thursday, 1st

[RUMOUR] Changing the ‘S’ moniker

The hype train started even before the launch of Galaxy S9! Tech24 claims out of the blue that S9 would be the last series to carry the ‘S’ moniker. Citing “a source from Korea”, the news suggested Samsung will choose ‘X’ instead to glorify the 10th anniversary of this iconic series of phones.

Publications like PhoneArena or SamMobile covered it quickly, but ultimately debunked it after finding the lack of proper citation.

Sunday, 4th


Eminent leaker Ice Universe / @UniverseIce set the benchmark high enough by speculating some of the key specs of the upcoming S10 series.

Updated Exynos SoC with dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) for AI support, UFS 3.0 memory, LPDDR5 RAM, a whopping screen-to-body ratio of 93% and a larger ‘L’ shaped battery can be expected. 5G compatible baseband and next-gen Infinity Display should be the cherry on top.

Tuesday, 27th

[NEWS] Revamping the numerical naming scheme

Dong-Jin (DJ) Koh, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics as well as President of the Mobile Communication segment, faced reporters on MWC 2018.

According to The Investor, there were hints on changing the numerical naming scheme or the long-lasting ‘S’ moniker.

April 2018

Tuesday, 3rd

[LEAK] Exynos 9820 is incoming

Though the trend is obvious, Ice Universe finally spots the actual reference of Exynos 9820. Successor of Exynos 9810 & based on 7nm FinFET, this SoC should power the International variant of  Galaxy S10 lineup.

Tuesday, 17th

[NEWS] Screen size, 3D sensing, In-display fingerprint

Korean news outlet The Bell presented plethora insider news of the industry, which led to interesting whereabouts of the upcoming S10 family.

From the panel makers, a regular (5.8 inches) and another bigger (6.3 inches) (likely the ‘Plus’) variant was confirmed. 3D sensing camera modules and the long-rumoured in-display fingerprint scanner should also be the part of the package.

May 2018

Thursday, 3rd

[NEWS] Codename ‘beyond’, Fingerprint On Display (FOD)

The Bell rang again (can’t help myself!) and actually revealed the codename of the S10 family as ‘beyond’. After S8 (‘dream’) & S9 (‘star’), Samsung was giving its best to reach to the top and the codename signified it.

The inclusion of in-display fingerprint sensor AKA Fingerprint On Display (FOD) was also finalized. According to an insider, Samsung wanted to give tough competition to other Chinese OEMs having similar techs.

Friday, 4th

[SPECULATION] Possible unveiling on CES 2019

The Bell talks about the possibility of shifting the release event from MWC to CES. According to them, development of the display unit of S10 is already one month ahead than the other foldable phone.

Monday, 14th

[RUMOUR] Humongous pixel density

Ice Universe posts about an ongoing rumour that says Galaxy S10 may have a screen resolution that exceeds the 600 PPI mark.

June 2018

Friday, 1st

[SPECULATION] Triple rear camera setup

Quoted by The Investor, Kim Dong-won, an analyst from KB Securities speculated that Samsung will try to give a hard fight to Huawei by introducing triple back cameras in S10.

Saturday, 9th

[LEAK] Mongoose M4 cores from Samsung

While there are leaks and speculations about Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 9820 SoC, we are now aware of Mongoose M4, Samsung’s latest in-house performance core.

It should be part of 9820, and thanks to Ice Universe, words are now spreading about its greater efficiency than ARM’s Cortex-A76.

Tuesday, 12th

[NEWS] Sound emitting display

A news from Korean news agency etnews cites industry sources, saying Samsung and LG are ready to commercially ship OLED screens that can emit sound. Less bezel and a screen that can also be dubbed as earpiece – Samsung’s next flagship may get both.

Thursday, 14th


Our favourite leaker Ice Universe is up again and hints about Samsung’s mass production plan of UFS 3.0 & LPDDR5 chips. It is scheduled for the second half of the year, thus S10 should feature both of these cutting edge techs.

Tuesday, 19th

[SPECULATION] In-house custom GPU

Ice Universe hopes that Samsung will eventually drop ARM’s Mali GPU in their upcoming Exynos SoC and switch to in-house ‘SGPU’. While there is this long running rumour Samsung jumping into GPU business, does this also indicate S10 family will sport custom GPU?

Wednesday, 20th

[CONCEPT] Render, Codename ‘beyond’

Supporting the previous claim about the ‘beyond’ codename, Ice Universe presents a render of a device which is probably a prototype rendering of S10’s design. The render does also boost the previous claims of ‘bezel less’ Infinite Display.

Friday, 22nd

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Abandoning iris scanner in favour of in-display fingerprint and 3D sensor

The Bell finds out by asking the industry insiders that Samsung already stopped ordering the iris scanner module from its vendors. On the other hand, Qualcomm’s Fingerprint On Display (FOD) tech is on the verge of being commercialized.

Regarding the previously speculated 3D sensing tech, Mantis Vision of Israel and Samsung Electronics Institute of Technology are developing the algorithm required for the sensor. As a consequence, upcoming Galaxy S10 will probably ditch the iris scanner in favour of FoD and 3D sensor.

Monday, 25th

[NEWS] Three different camera configs, three different variants

etnews comes up with a detailed report about the possible variants of  Galaxy S10. For the first time since original Galaxy S, Samsung will opt for three different configs, primarily based on camera setup.

Ice Universe seconds the report, which talks about the following configs:

Wednesday, 27th

[OFFICIAL INFO][SPECULATION] ISOCELL Plus tech for enhanced colour accuracy and sharpness

Samsung introduces a new tech, dubbed as ISOCELL Plus, which allows CMOS image sensors to capture more light, significantly increasing light sensitivity and color fidelity.

According to the Korean giant, it offers up to a 15-percent enhancement in light sensitivity.Using ISOCELL Plus, it is possible to use smaller-sized pixels inside image sensors without any loss in performance.

The megapixel race is revived, as this tech also supports super-resolution cameras with over 20 megapixels. Without any doubt, this is going to be a key aspect of the S10 family.

[NEWS] Largest Galaxy so far – 6.44 inches, entry level model, augmented reality (AR) sensor, new camera configs

On the same day, The Bell tells us about the size of the largest S10 variant. If the sources are true, then it’s going to be the largest Galaxy phone with a whopping 6.44 inches screen diagonal. In fact, Galaxy Note 9 makes a red face with ‘only’ 6.38 inches screen.

Interestingly, there will be an entry-level model as well (probably the ‘beyond0’ one). It is atypically flat-shaped and has a size of around 5.0 inches. The second model’s camera config jumps from 2 to 3.

The presence of FoD is almost confirmed, but the 3D camera is still not mature enough. It will probably be shifted towards back as an augmented reality accessory.

July 2018

Friday, 6th

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Side fingerprint scanner on entry-level variant, more confirmations about codenames

The Bell continues to publish excellent series of articles on S10, and now we are certain about the naming scheme of the 3 variants of the upcoming flagship. From ‘beyond0’ / ‘Beyond 0’ to ‘beyond3’ / ‘Beyond 3’, we gonna get an entry level model, a regular one and a gigantic ‘Plus’ variant.

Another fascinating turn of events – the entry-level model will probably sport a side fingerprint scanner located at the right edge of the user’s thumb. Along with The Bell, prominent Samsung leaker Ice Universe mentions it as well.

[CONCEPT] Dual and Triple rear camera

AllAboutSamsung is trying to come up with a concept picture of the rear camera setup of the S10 variants. Based on a tip from an unknown tipster, their concept shows a main variable-aperture camera (f1.5 / f2.4) with 12 MP and another with super wide angle (123°) and 16 MP at f1.9 on ‘beyond0’ & ‘beyond1’.

The ‘Plus’ variant AKA ‘beyond2’ carries a main camera with 12 MP and f1.5 / f2.4, a super wide angle camera with 16 MP and f1.9 and a telephoto camera with 13 MP and f2.4. The wide angle module however lacks OIS & autofocus.

Monday, 9th

[NEWS] Dual selfie camera and tripe rear camera setup on ‘Plus’ model

Merely 3 days after the previous camera related speculations, The Bell presents curated news citing the industry insiders which supports the claim of the triple rear camera setup on ‘beyond2’.

They also suggest the existence of dual selfie camera on the same variant, thought the specs of those are not known yet.

[SPECULATION] No custom GPU for S10 yet

Debunking own speculation about the introduction of custom GPU inside upcoming Exynos 9820, Ice Universe now says (now deleted, screenshot attached) the SoC will get the graphics horsepower from ARM’s Mali-G76.

Thus S10 will not come with Samsung’s own GPU yet, but Mali-G76 will provide 25% higher maximum performance compared to Exynos 9810’s Mali-G72.

Tuesday, 10th

[LEAK] Exynos 9820, DynamIQ architecture and more

Ice Universe is on fire! He now confirms that the International variants of S10 are surely powered by Exynos 9820.

He also illustrates the internal architecture of the SoC: 2+2+4 DynamIQ architecture, 2*Exynos M4 behind the big cluster, 2*Cortex-A75 /A76 behind the  medium cluster, and 4*A55 behind the small cluster.

Monday, 16th

[NEWS] Departure from optical fingerprint sensor

DJ Koh assures that S10 won’t feature an optical fingerprinting solution, as the technology isn’t mature yet and the user experience is rocky. Instead, different type of tech will handle the FoD, as cited by Ice Universe and ShungNin@Weibo.

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Welcome ultrasonic fingerprint sensor!

On the same day, Business Insider reveals a report by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo is an avid Apple analyst, and when comes to accurate speculation it’s child play for him.

His report supports many of the previous rumours and leaks, such as three variants of S10, their screen sizes, side fingerprint sensor on the cheapest model etc. What it emphasizes is the usage of ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which syncs with the other news that surfaced today.

Friday, 20th

[NEWS] Possible unification of S Plus and Note lineups

Now this is a big bomb to drop. According to The Bell, we’ll possibly get the news of merging the bigger ‘Plus’ variant of S family with the Note series of phones. Apart from the S Pen, keeping up two separate lineups sounds redundant.

[RUMOUR] Less bezel, more screen to body ratio

Ice Universe now predicts that S10 will come with even larger screen to body ratio, but no figures are disclosed.

Monday, 23rd

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Samsung is designing in-house custom GPU

Dr. Jon Peddie, a recognized figure in the domain of computer graphics, blogs about in-house GPU development by Samsung. Ice Universe quoted EE Times which covers Peddie’s article next day (24th), and especially emphasizes on the mobile GPU.

While no one mentioning S10, is it a part of rapid prototyping? Time will tell.

August 2018

Saturday, 4th

[CONCEPT] Conceptual rendering of S10 goes viral

Popular concept creator Concept Creator (yes, it’s the name!) posts a conceptual rendering of S10.(SPOILER) The headphone jack is there on top.

Monday, 13th

[NEWS] 5G support coming with a separate variant

The Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 9 was there and DJ Koh hinted some interesting things about S10. Reported by ZDNet, Samsung is working on bringing 5G support, but probably it is going to be a separate variant.

The trend is nothing new though, as we saw similar events with the release of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it’s LTE variants.

Wednesday, 15th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung reveal their own 5G modem – Exynos Modem 5100

After Qualcomm and Intel, Samsung announces their own 5G-NR compatible Exynos Modem 5100. While no official release date is posted, Samsung ensures that consumers will be able to get it by the end of 2018.

And thus we know which modem is going to power the International 5G variant of S10.

Wednesday, 22nd

[RUMOUR] Possible colours

Ahem… they are not ‘beyond’ imagination: black, white, green, silver and pink – as Ice Universe tells us.

Monday, 27th

[NEWS] FoD for all

The Investor brings the exclusive news about the configurations of fingerprint scanner on S10 varints. As revealed by sources from industry, ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner will be there on the two higher spec variants which is in sync with the previous claims.

On the contrary, the new report also claims that the base model will feature an optical fingerprint sensor, which was supposed to be ditched in favour of a side mounted FP sensor.

September 2018

Sunday, 2nd

[RUMOUR] Quad camera

A cryptic text is tweeted by Ice Universe, which sparks the rumour about a quad camera setup for S10. While the tweet doesn’t say much, it certainly provides fuel for more speculations.

Thursday, 6th

[NEWS] More corroboration about separate 5G variant

According to The Bell, the previous hint about a separate 5G variant is in fact true. A fourth variant is in works, which is based on the highest specced ‘beyond2’ config.

5G adoption is still in its infancy, so this is going to a limited release.

Sunday, 9th

[NEWS] Ultrasonic FoD is kinda confirmed

As always, etnews shows their expertise to extract information from industry insiders & today its all about ultrasonic in-display fingerprint recognition. Now we know the tech is none other than Snapdragon Sense ID V3 from Qualcomm.

Thursday, 13th

[NEWS] Major design changes are coming

DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, has now said that the changes in design of Galaxy S10 will  be “very significant”. The news is circulating in Chinese medias & our friendly neighbourhood Samsung leaker posts about it in Weibo.

As always, no significant details are available.

[NEWS] Penta camera on the top end model

etnews talks with major camera module makers who are working with Samsung and comes with this crazy conclusion about the existence of a penta camera setup.

If claims are true, the top end variant of S10 is going to be Samsung’s first device with a total of five cameras. The report suggests that it will feature a rear triple-camera setup and a dual-camera setup at the front.

Friday, 14th

[RUMOUR] At least 9 colour options, including gradient ones

Another prominent leakster OnLeaks joins the game & talks about the rumour of introducing new gradient colour options for S10. According to him, no more than 9 colour options are incoming.

Monday, 17th

[LEAK] Benchmark indicates 19:9 screen

An apparently insignificant benchmark surfaces on HTFL5test benchmark site, but thanks to the guys of Mobielkopen, there are reasons to believe that it came from a S10 prototype.

While the benchmark doesn’t reveal much, it surely shows a new model number (SM-G405F), running Android 9.0 Pie and the indication of a 19:9 screen.

Tuesday, 18th

[LEAK] Existence of 4 Samsung Galaxy S10 models confirmed

Perhaps the most technically accurate leak so far: Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S9+ Android Pie OTA contains the proof of existence of 4 S10 variants.

Those fantastic people from XDA dissect the OTA, tear down the framework and thanks to the shared codebase, able to spot references of the models. This discovery does support the previous news about a separate 5G variant (‘beyond5g’), and we know it will come both International (Exynos) and US, Latin America, & China (Snapdragon) flavours.

Friday, 21st

[LEAK] Model numbers confirmed

Days are passing and verified leaks are increasing. Kudos to guys of SamMobile, they confirms the model numbers of the regular LTE variants of S10.

SM-G970F goes for ‘beyond0’, SM-G973F goes for ‘beyond1’ and SM-G975F goes for ‘beyond2’. For now, the model number of the 5G variant is unknown.

October 2018

Tuesday, 2nd

[LEAK] Technical details about triple rear cameras

Courtesy of couple of Samsung fanboys, we now have detailed technical specs about the rear camera modules of S10. Compared to S9, there will be a new ultra wide camera 123° field of view.

The main camera seems unchanged with a 12 MP sensor along with variable aperture (f/1.5 and f/2.4). The tele camera appears mostly the same – just a minor bump to 13 MP versus S9’s 12 MP.

Saturday, 6th

[LEAK][SPECULATION] Dedicated NPU for AI capabilities

The eagle-eyed Ice Universe spots references about Samsung’s second-generation NPU architecture.  He also touts about the inclusion of the piece of tech on upcoming flagship series from Samsung.

Tuesday, 9th

[LEAK] Certification in China

Mobielkopen reveals that the LTE models of S10 were already certified by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) on 25th September. This hereby verifies the model numbers confirmed by SamMobile earlier.

Wednesday, 10th

[NEWS] S10 will be the last series to feature headphone jack

Samsung is one of those few OEMs who opt for retaining the 3.5 mm headphone jack till now. But as suggested by etnews, with the advancement of wireless techs Samsung is going to remove it from the next lineup in 2020.

It makes S10 the last on the Galaxy S series to have the now-endangered headphone jack.

Thursday-Friday, 18th-19th

[RUMOUR][LEAK] Camera under display, sound emitting OLED and more!

Folks over points to the patents filed by Samsung regarding optical fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S10 on Thursday.

On the other hand, Max J. AKA @Samsung_News_ talks on same day about possible tech that can hide the camera under screen.

Just one day later, we now have Ice Universe with clear evidences of numerous techs like fingerprint scanner under display (FoD), sensor like camera under display (UPS & HoD) and sound emitting display (SoD). Couple of them were speculated or leaked earlier, but Samsung officially acknowledges them all on 2018 Samsung OLED Forum.

Sunday, 21st

[LEAK] Full screen fingerprint scanner

A patent filed by Samsung is uncovered by LetsGoDigital, which talks about making the entire screen capable of scanning fingerprint. Now the FoD tech is official by Samsung, these kind of enhancements will be a nice addition on the upcoming flagship.

Monday, 22nd

[RUMOUR] Internal specs of the Snapdragon S10

A screenshot floating on Weibo, later spotted by Techiword, gives us some fuel for thoughts. It talks about SM-G9700, a model number which has already been verified to be the base variant of S10.

Snapdragon 8150, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage with option of expandable storage are couple of the parameters worth to mention.

Tuesday, 23rd

[RUMOUR] Graphene batteries are incoming!

While Samsung’s R&D on Graphene batteries is not a secret, a recent rumour in Weibo suggests that the development is complete and Samsung is ready to bring such batteries on consumer market next year.

Ice Universe, on the other hand, doesn’t think the tech is mature enough to be brought to consumers. But he does believe that it’s going to be a “revolutionary breakthrough” when used with mobile phones and cars.

[LEAK] Storage configs of base S10 model

SamMobile has got some exclusive tip about the storage configurations of ‘beyond0’ – the cheapest version of S10. According to them, it will come with 64 GB on board, which supports the previous leak. However, another option with 128 GB will be there as well.

Wednesday, 24th

[NEWS][SPECULATION] UFS 3.0 is coming on 2019, but not LPDDR5

Android Central brings fresh news from Qualcomm’s 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong – Jay Oh, Samsung’s head of mobile memory product planning has revealed that UFS 3.0 will launch in the first half of 2019, which is inline with the tentative release schedule of S10 as well.

While that’s a fairly credible info to assume S10 will feature UFS 3.0 memory, LPDDR5 will not be a part of it as it needs one more year to be mature.

Thursday, 25th

[RUMOUR] 12 GB RAM variant

An industry analysis circulating on Weibo is spotted by SamMobile. It predicts about a possible 12 GB RAM variant of S10 by the law of extrapolation, but there is no proper citation.

[RUMOUR] Final colour options

OnLeaks cites his sources, and they confirm that black, grey, blue, red, green and yellow are finalized as the colour options of S10.

Friday, 26th

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Verizon 5G, under-screen front camera, no headphone jack

Verizon would be first US cellular provider to provide 5G support on Samsung Galaxy S10, as noted by Bloomberg.

The under-screen selfie camera is kinda confirmed. Interestingly, there are reports of Samsung building a S10 prototype without headphone jack.

Saturday, 27th

[CONCEPT] Notch vs. hole

Ben Geskin / @VenyaGeskin1 brings a side-by-side comparison of S9, iPhone XS Max & S10, with the later sports the rumoured hole in display.

He also illustrates possible issues of gaming in a notch vs. hole scenario.

Tuesday, 30th

[OFFICIAL INFO] ISOCELL image sensors are in market

Samsung brings two new image sensors with previously announced ISOCELL Plus tech in market. Though the leaked configs didn’t mention such sensors yet, some variants of S10 may join the megapixel race with these.

November 2018

Friday, 2nd

[NEWS] Iris scanner will be abandoned in favour of ultrasonic fingerprint

etnews reports that Samsung is going to ditch the iris scanner and fully opt for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Ice Universe supports the claim, and describes how the ultrasonic tech covers around 30% more area than optical sensors.

Monday, 5th

[NEWS] Dual NPU in Exynos 9820, more AI

Samsung is planning to cram up two AI units in S10 as a part of their Exynos 9820 SoC, suggested by etnews. Subsequently Ice Universe supports the news, and describes this in-house 7 nm chip will enhance the image processing.

Wednesday, 7th

[NEWS] Samsung officially embraces the notch

At Samsung’s developer conference today, Samsung officially teases three different variants of notch, namely Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. As Android Police noted, they are named after the shape of the cutout itself.

The ‘O ‘ variant is probably the long standing rumour about the display hole in S10.

Friday, 9th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung starts teasing Exynos 9820

Samsung officially unveils the next gen Exynos SoC on Twitter. The teaser heavily dabs about the previously suggested AI capabilities of the chip which is scheduled to be released on 14th November, 2018.

Monday, 12th

[RUMOUR] Specs and price of the cheapest model of S10

Ben Geskin is on the scene again with specs and tentative price of the base model in the S10 lineup.Couple of the parameters are already rumored, such as a flat ‘Infinity-O’ display, dual camera, side-mounted fingerprint sensor. The RAM and storage configs are new though: 4+64GB / 6+64GB / 6+128GB. He also suggests last years Snapdragon 845 can be used to reduce price instead of this years 8150. Tentative price should be $650-750.

Tuesday, 13th

[CONCEPT] Notch vs. display cutout (updated)

Geskin updates his previous concept art of comparison between the displays. In case of S10, the render has the cutout on the right side of the display itself, instead of middle.

[RUMOUR] General specs

This time, Evan Blass AKA @evleaks posts some general specifications of S10 family.

Wednesday, 14th

[LEAK] Model numbers of the 3 LTE variants

Leakster Roland Quandt, who goes by the handle @rquandt confirms the model numbers of the 3 LTE models of S10.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Exynos 9820 is now official

After long speculations and leaks, the Korean powerhouse officially releases Exynos 9820. As anticipated, the leaks are pretty accurate. In fact, Samsung does boast about the dual NPU and AI capabilities in the release notes.

Apart from upcoming S10 and Note series, Exynos 9820 will likely to power the foldable phone from Samsung a well.

[NEWS] The exponential increase of Chinese components

Samsung reportedly started signing up manu Chinese vendors for supplying components, such as antenna modules for S10. Cost cutting is the primary reason, as anticipated by The Bell.

Thursday, 15

[LEAK] Patents related to S10 display spotted

Folks from LetsGoDigital are able to find out several pictures of the display with cutouts from an International patent filed by Samsung. Given the timing and context, it is evident that S10 will come carrying any of those ‘Infinity’ displays.

Sunday, 18th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Possible S10 display assembly

S10’s Infinity-O display assembly is supposedly leaks; credit goes to Slashleaks.

Monday, 19th

[LEAK] Colours with *confirmation*

SamMobile guys now confirm that black, white, yellow and green are the only colours that are finalized for S10, though exact availability varies with country. Some of them are indeed gradients.

[NEWS] Samsung is crunching numbers and expect high profit from S10

DJ Koh’s recent corporate message towards employees is intercepted by The Korea Herald. It reveals that he’s hoping on S10 and the upcoming foldable phone to come out from the current struggling financial condition.

Tuesday, 20th

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Introduction of Time of Flight (ToF) sensor

As reported by etnews, the top end S10 variant may come with ToF sensors mounted on both rear and front panels. It can be useful for more secure face unlocking & augmented reality (AR) stuffs.

[NEWS] 5G and six cameras are few of the key components of the highest specced Galaxy (‘beyondx’)

While some of the leaks already give us pretty much good idea about the regular LTE models, The Wall Street Journal’s scoop is all about the 5G variant (codename: ‘beyondx’).

The regular models are scheduled for February release, but the 5G one is heading towards Spring release. With a largest 6.7-inch display in the lineup and six total cameras (two in front, four in back), it will be a real beast.

As always, 5G support varies with providers.

Wednesday, 21st

[LEAK] Ceramic back

Better late than never! Samsung is going to join the ceramic back party after OEMs like Xiaomi and Essential, with a special edition of the top end 5G model. SamMobile is the one who leaks it, and notes that the colour is limited to black and white.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Screen protectors

The pictures of allegedly official screen protectors are circulating on Weibo. Ice Universe also comes up with own set of pictures.

[CONCEPT] Render with One UI

Samsung has already started the migration from Samsung Experience (formerly Touchwiz) to One UI as a skin, and thanks to Ben Geskin we have a realistic render.

Thursday, 22nd

[LEAK][RUMOUR] 360° view of screen protector

Ice Universe is here to rescue:

Friday, 23rd

[LEAK] Certification in Russia

Originally discovered by TechieRide, SM-G975F i.e. ‘beyond2’ model got certification in Russia by Rosaccredit (equivalent to USA’s FCC). Both the single SIM and dual SIM variants are listed.

[NEWS] Finalised camera specs

Thanks to the insider investigations conducted by The Bell, we are now almost sure about the camera configs of s10 models.

Apart from the name of the ODMs, the article also reveals that the entry-level model may feature a dual rear and single front camera. The two regular models may feature a dual front and dual/triple rear camera, respectively.

Sunday, 25th

[NEWS] OLED panels for S10 enter into production

The unique tech to cut a hole on the display area is one of the main strength of Samsung. Utilizing the HIAA laser technology, the panels with cutouts are reportedly ready to go to production, as reported by etnews.

Tuesday, 27th

[LEAK] AnTuTu benchmark of Exynos variant of S10

Spotted by Ice Universe, the AnTuTu benchmark of the Exynos variant of S10 is here:

Wednesday, 28th

[NEWS] Two vendors for the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Quoted by DIGITIMES, industry insiders are suggesting that Samsung is collaborating with both O-film & GIS to get the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The scanner tech comes from Qualcomm’s design.

Thursday, 29th

[CONCEPT] How the display hole will look and behave

Concept creator Dave Lee comes up with an amazing video that shows the probable user experience with S10’s Infinity-O display.

December 2018

Saturday, 1st

[NEWS][SPECULATION] SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus start commercial 5G service in South Korea, prototype 5G Samsung phone (probably) S10 is on wild

South Korean news agency reports about the initiation of commercialized 5G service in the country. Video calls have been made using a prototype 5G phone by Samsung, which is purportedly S10’s 5G variant.

Ice Universe has posted a still from the video and speculated the same idea.

Sunday, 2nd

[LEAK][SPECULATION] Unboxing of the prototype S10 5G

SPARROWS NEWS manages to gather unboxing pics of the previously mentioned prototype device from various unnamed sources.

[RUMOUR] Different display cutout on S10 Plus

Probably due to dual front cameras:

Monday – Wednesday, 3rd – 5th

[LEAK] All about S10 Plus: 360° video, 5K renders

Leakster OnLeaks brings quake into the S10 scene. Together with 91mobiles, he provides nearly every details of the top end LTE variant of S10.

Initial render shows only 3 rear cameras; it’s been corrected later.

Monday, 3rd

[OFFICIAL INFO] Verizon will carry S10’s 5G variant

Verizon publishes a press release, which confirms that they (collaborating with Samsung) will launch the 5G S10 model in USA in the first half of 2019.

Tuesday, 4th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Qualcomm officially announces world’s first commercial under-display ultrasonic fingerprint solution

Dubbed as Qualcomm® 3D Sonic Sensor, the FoD solution in S10 family is now official.

[CONCEPT] Size comparison between S10 and S10+

Geskin is relentless with these concept renders:

[LEAK] S10+ Snapdragon AnTuTu benchmark

The Snapdragon variant scores more than the Exynos one! Revealed by AnTuTu on their Weibo account first, the result and a handy comparison can be accessed from the global site as well.

[LEAK] S10+ protective film

Ice Universe is pretty good get their hands on such goodies.

Tuesday – Wednesday, 4rd – 5th

[OFFICIAL INFO] AT&T will carry S10 5G too

Expectedly, AT&T is working together with Samsung, and they will launch a 5G Samsung on in USA in the first half of 2019 as well.

Just a day later, AT&T announces that they will carry another Samsung phone which will be able to access both 5G mmWave and sub-6 GHz.

Wednesday, 5th

[LEAK] Samsung’s weird notched 5G prototype phone

Qualcomm’s Tech Summit is on, and it’s almost certain that the Snapdragon variant of S10 5G (‘beyond2q5g’) will be powered by Snapdragon 855.

But meanwhile…

[CONCEPT] S10 vs. S10+ – side-by-side

[LEAK] Samsung’s Pie firmware accidentally reveals S10’s minimal bezel

Thursday, 6th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Back design and camera setup of S10

Friday, 7th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Display cutout reveals dual front cameras

This one comes from Weibo again; but take it with a grain of salt.

Saturday, 8th

[LEAK] Rendering of S10 family from case manufacturer

We’re just put it here:

Ice Universe is probably talking about the position of the camera holes.

[LEAK] S10 ‘Lite’ 3D render, case and more

Slashleaks are doing it again, and the cheapest variant is now called ‘Lite’.

Sunday, 9th

[LEAK] Case maker reveals design changes on the regular S10 models

Gordon Kelly from Forbes has their hands on the cases intended for S10 made by popular case maker Ghostek. It clearly reveals and thus confirmed the rumour about the changed camera layout design.

[LEAK][SPECULATION] 3.5 mm headphone jack is still here

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10+ screen testing inside factory

The picture is first posted on Facebook, later the guys over Slashleaks archives it.

Monday, 10th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Galaxy S10+ – what if the cutout is disabled?

Tuesday, 11th

[LEAK][SPECULATION] Case manufacturer publishes fresh designs of the S10 lineup

Olixar, a case maker famous for publishing information about Samsung phones, posts couple of renders for the whole family of S10.

Actual credit goes to MobileFun.

[LEAK][SPECULATION] S10 Lite will feature a tiny but symmetric bezel

[CONCEPT] Render of S10 Lite based on the protective film

[NEWS][SPECULATION] Samsung may bundle a cold wallet for cryptocurrencies with S10 tracks some trademarks filed by Samsung which indicates future plans for bundling blockchain and cryptocurrency software in Galaxy lineup.

Now SamMobile speculates with a strong suspect that a cold wallet will be coming with S10 family of phones.

Wednesday, 12th

[LEAK] Launch, pricing (UK), reverse charging and more!

“A source at a major tech retailer” has approached Gizmodo UK and reveals couple of stunning details about the ‘beyond’ family of phones.

Excluding the already verified list of info, we stumble on the first one – S10 will launch at a Samsung Unpacked event before MWC 2019, on the 20th of February. The phone will be available for preorder from that date, and will then be released on Friday, 8th March.

The phone will support wireless reverse charging, dubbed as ‘Powershare’.

And the (UK) pricing – (No Brexit talk) and here we go:

The flat, 5.8-inch version of the S10 will have 128GB of storage and retail at £669.

The regular, curved version of the S10 with its 6.1-inch screen will come in a choice of 128GB or 512GB of storage (crikey!) at £799 and £999 respectively.

The S10 Plus is where it gets really exciting, though: there will be a 128GB version for £899, a 512GB version breaking the thousand pound barrier at £1099, and a one terabyte Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for a bank-breaking £1399.

Wednesday, 12

[LEAK] Bundled accessories

Folks over SamMobile talks about the bundled accessories with the phone. The S-View Flip Cover, Rugged Protective Stand and Silicone Cover will be bundled with all three variants of the Galaxy S10.

However S10+ may get the exclusive Leather Cover and an LED Wallet cover.

[LEAK][SPECULATION] References of ultra-wide camera of S10

Galaxy A9 (2018) comes with an ultra-wide camera and it features ‘Ultra wide lens correction’ in Gallery which is nothing but eliminating the distorted portions by cropping. SamMobile reports that similar feature is live on Camera options under Android Pie beta for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 lineup.

Thanks to the shared codebase, it’s not hard to speculate that the same will present on S10 as well.

Friday, 14th

[LEAK] Model number of the 5G variant now finds evidences of the existence of two fascinating Samsung phones. The model number SM-G977U indicates a model for USA and SM-G977N indicates a South Korean model.

Given there is no ‘F’ i.e. model for International or European region yet, and the pattern altogether point towards the possibility that this is indeed the missing model number of the 5G S10 variant.

[LEAK] Another confirmation on colours, yellow is exclusive for Lite

SamMobile leaks more precious information on the colour availability, and looks like yellow is going to be exclusive to the cheapest Lite model.

Sunday, 16th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Live S10 spotted on South Korean subway

Remember the story of leaving a Pixel 3 XL in a Lyft? Probably the same is now happening with S10 as well. Wccftech got this pic from @inss0317 and despite the murky shot, the device indeed looks like an S10.

Monday, 17th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Holographic display

LetsGoDigital guys have discovered a series of patents filed by Samsung that mentions a feature ‘hologram device’.

Do you think Bixby will get a holographic alter ego?

[LEAK] More leaks about S10 & S10+

PhoneArena manages to leak plethora of details about the regular models of S10.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Protective films for S10 family

Ice Universe and his regularly irregular leaks:

Tuesday, 18th

[NEWS] S10 5G will be released on MWC

Now it’s known to us that 5G variant of the S10 family will not come together with the rest. According to The Korea Herald, Samsung is planning to showcase it’s 5G phone along with LG at MWC.

Wednesday, 19th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Trademark hints about ‘Artistic Live Focus’ on S10 cameras

Another trademark filing, another wild goose chasing. This time they disclose a new camera mode, namely ‘Artistic Live Focus’.

While the trademark doesn’t talk about S10, there are talks about possible debut of the feature with the release of the Sammy’s flagship.

[LEAK][SPECULATION] Beyond X as the 5G variant

SPOILER: “The 5G LOGO is very cool.”

Thursday, 20th

[RUMOUR] Return of ‘Edge’ moniker

Samsung retired the ‘Edge’ name after S7. But according to SamMobile, retailer MobileFun hears from its official Samsung distributors that the model with 6.1 inches screen (‘beyond1’) is called ‘S10 Edge’.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Samsung is working on ‘Bright Night’ – Google Camera’s Night Sight-esque feature

After decompiling Galaxy Note 9’s Camera apk, the folks from XDA finds the hidden feature called ‘Bright Night’. The descriptions are quite similar to what other night mode features do.

Again, there is high chance of getting this feature showcased as a part of S10’s low light camera processing.

[OFFICIAL INFO] T-Mobile will carry S10 5G too

We’re not surprised here, as it sounds exactly like “…T-Mobile is working on that phone too…”.

[LEAK] HTML5test benchmarks show couple of S10 model numbers

Mobielkopen guys are here again and they have spotted a phone allegedly known as S10 Lite from the previous leaks.

Not only so, S10+ benchmark is also there. Both of them confirm the actuality of 19:9 screens.

Friday, 21st

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Better fast charging is coming, possibly Quick Charge 4+

Samsung is still using an underclocked Quick Charge 2.0 implementation which gives 15W output instead of standard 18W. Will there be proprietary charging techs on S10 like the ones from Huawei or OPPO/OnePlus? Or has more standardized QC 4+ been implemented?

Saturday, 22nd

[RUMOUR] Graphene batteries

Just a day gone, and @MMDDJ_ quotes a spreading rumour on Weibo about graphene batteries as the reason behind the fast charging tech.

Monday, 24th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Exact sizes of the upcoming Samsung flagships

The crystal balls starts to illuminate.

Tuesday, 25th

[LEAK][SPECULATION] Codename: bolt – new 5G device, cutout animation and more!

Santa comes and gifts us a new puzzle! The guys at XDA have got another completely new codename after analyzing Galaxy Note 9’s One UI firmware, which is ‘bolt’.

The full name (‘boltq5gvzw’) clearly signifies that the device is based on Snapdragon platform and Verizon exclusive. There are other interesting references, such as system theme that can be set up to match the colour of the device, ToF sensor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820 Mobile Platforms etc.

Another thing is the animation around display cutouts after facial biometrics authentication. Ice Universe has posted couple of those animation samples.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Chin comparison with other phones

These comparisons are floating on Weibo, and Ice Universe is here to rescue:

Wednesday, 26th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Note 7 vs. S10: display panel comparison

Again, Ice Universe has caught this up from Weibo.

Thursday, 27th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] A prototype/clone spotted in wild

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S9+ vs. S10+ – rear camera setup comparison

Friday, 28th

[CONCEPT] Render of S10 Lite from a case maker

January 2019

Tuesday, 1st

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Note 9 vs. S10+ – size comparison

Wednesday, 3rd

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10 (‘beyond1’) is in wild

evleaks has managed to do it!

He also talks about revered wireless charging capability, that’s leaked already.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Gradients colour or not?

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Screen protectors confirm display sizes and hint at a flatter design

Mobile Fun has uploaded a video which reveals many details about the display sizes. It also supports the previous claims about flatter design of the Lite model.

Thursday, 4th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Silicon cases and battery capacities

Ice Universe on this journey to hide secret messages inside tweets.

[LEAK] Lite variant will sport a 3100 mAh battery tracks down the battery capacity of the bottom-end Lite variant by looking into South Korean Certification Authority’s records.

It comes out as 3100 mAh which directly seconds the previous claim by Ice Universe.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Protective films of S10 and S10+

Ice Universe shows no sign to stop.

[LEAK][SPECULATION] ‘bolt’ decrypted, probably a 5G modem on Verizon

XDA is able to decipher the puzzle with the seemingly unknown device that popped up few days ago. As it turns out, it’s not a phone but probably a Verizon exclusive modem which uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

Friday, 5th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The SoC of S10 Lite

[LEAK][RUMOUR] More info on fast charge

Continuing the previous claim about fast charging tech, Ice Universe newest leak probably a stronger indication towards Quick Charge 4+ or USB-PD.

Monday, 7th

[OFFICIAL INFO] (Last candidate) Sprint will carry 5G S10 too!

Spring is the last candidate remains among the big four, and it too joins the 5G bandwagon. The service will be started from Summer 2019.

Tuesday, 8th

[LEAK] S10 Lite appears on Geekbench with SD855 & 6 GB RAM

Kudos to Slashleaks, they points it out.

Wednesday, 9th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10 Lite will be called S10 E

Mobile Fun has got some fresh tips from it’s suppliers and now confirms that S10 Lite will eventually be called S10 E.

[OFFICIAL INFO] EE UK stars per-registration of the upcoming Galaxy (AKA S10)

While the tweet has already been deleted, EE has prepared a landing page for per-registration to get the upcoming S10.

Thursday, 10th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Battery capacity of the 5G variant suggests that Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977) will feature a hefty 5000 mAh battery. The product code should be EB-BG977ABU.

[NEWS] Mid February unveiling

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung may not wait till MWC and will reveal the S10 lineup at a Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco.

[NEWS] Samsung’s 5G prototype was actually shown at CES

Business Insider reports about an apparently unnoticed 5G prototype by Samsung was in fact there in CES, but it was heavily fortified.

[LEAK][SPECULATION] Samsung probably leaks S10 in their newsroom

Samsung’s newsroom section about One UI used to contain images which were strikingly similar to the leasks of S10 so far. The article has now been edited, but a redditor spoils the drama.

[OFFICIAL INFO] It’s official! The Galaxy Unpacked 2019 is teased by Samsung

Now we’re going towards more official news. Samsung just announces the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 on 20th February. As suggested by previous leaks and suggestions, Galaxy S10 lineup (only LTE though) will be unveiled there.

EE UK has seconded the teaser.

Friday, 11th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The cheapest S10 will be called S10 Lite, not S10 E

Debunking some of the previous rumours, now CompareRaja guys are telling that the ‘E’ moniker doesn’t exist and the lowest end phone will be called S10 Lite after all.

Saturday, 12th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Details about the battery of S10+

Sunday, 13th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] AKG headphones, matte black charger, Verizon exclusive S10+ 5G & more!

Max Weinbach, XDA TV host and Contributor for XDA Portal has just leaked a truckload of info regarding the Galaxy S10 phones & the upcoming Unpacked event:

The rumours regarding S10 Lite having generic fingerprint sensor are turned down completely:

The rumour about dual NPU is boosted:

He leaves some interesting notes on the camera config:

Monday, 14th

[LEAK] Exynos M4 pipeline model

Ice Universe wants to give us a lecture on system architecture :P, while WikiChips talks about Exynos M4 and related patches to LLVM.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10 lineup may not feature UFS 3.0 or LPDDR5

Ice Universe cites poor benchmark results:

We already know that LPDDR5 is pushed back to 2020, thanks to Micron. On the other hand, Exynos 9820 and Snapdragon 855 platforms officially support upto LPDDR4X.

[LEAK] Hints about more AI, Intelligent Vision Sensor, clocked down LPDDR5

Posted as a response to the above tweet of Ice Universe, dylan522p’s tweet reveals couple of new aspects.

[NEWS] The 5G variant will be called Galaxy S10 X, scheduled release date, pricing and more!

It’s finalized! The beast among all will be called Galaxy S10 X, according to etnews.

Samsung emphasizes on the ‘X’ moniker to put significance of the 10th anniversary of these series, as well as highlighting the ideas of ‘eXperience’ & ‘eXpansion’.

The release date is scheduled on 28th March. The highest variant may come with a hefty price tag of 1.8 million South Korean won (~$1600).

Starting prices of S10 Lite and S10+ are mentioned as well – 900000 won (~$800) and 1.6 million won (~$1,430) respectively. These LTE models will be available for sale from 8th March.

Tuesday, 15th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Samsung will be Qualcomm’s first major customer for its newest gen ultrasonic fingerprint readers

This comes as a derivative of another news about how Google is reevaluating the secureness of the current optical fingerprint sensors.

[LEAK] China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) listing confirms model numbers of S10 and S10+, reveals charging specs too is able to spot China’s CCC/3C listing of couple of new Samsung phones. The model numbers match with the purported S10 and S10+.

The included EP-TA200 charger will support 9V/1.67A and 5V/2A charging rates. The specs sound similar to existing Adaptive Fast Charging by Samsung, which is based on Quick Charge 2.0.

Probably we will not see a QC 4+ charger, as rumoured earlier. The absence of the E/Lite variant in the certification may indicate the base model isn’t heading towards China.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another case maker hints about S10 E variant

Azuri joins the bandwagon and publishes new listing of cases and screen protectors for S10 family.

While there are some confusions with the published renders (especially the number of cameras), it does mention the ‘E’ variant instead of ‘Lite’ for the base mode.

BTW, the 3.5 mm jack is there, as confirmed by the renders.

Wednesday, 16th

[LEAK] Snapdragon variant of S10+ shows up in Geekbench

An interesting Geekbench listing is live & the model in it is SM-G975U, presumably S10+.

This is the Snapdragon 855 powered model, which should be headed for USA, Latin America and China only. The benchmark only shows 6 GB of RAM, which could me a miscalculation or proof of existence of another model besides the previously rumoured 8 and 10 GB RAM variants.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] In-display ultrasonic fingerprint of S10 family may be incompatible with certain screen protectors

Military grade case maker ArmadilloTek reports that their Vanguard series of protectors may not feature a screen protector unit.

Their tests suggest that the Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) made unit didn’t work at all with the new ultrasonic tech.

Thursday, 17th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10+ spotted in wild

Credit to the guys over Slashleaks, we now probably have another real life sighting of Galaxy S10+ (because of the gigantic size).

Originally leaked through LG Mobile User Cafe / a reddit user, the region of the sighting is probably South Korea.

While the display cutouts are allegedly in their proper position, the UI seems much older than current One UI. May be a prototype running pre-production build?

[LEAK] Traces of the firmware of South Korean Galaxy S10 X discovered

SamFirmware, the sister wing of SamMobile locates the breadcrumbs of the firmware of the 5G variant of S10.

The current software version in testing is G977NKSU0ASA6, which is probably intended for South Korea. As for availability, only USA and South Korea should receive the 5G model.

Saturday, 19th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] #10YearChallenge, larger battery, faster charging, ceramic back

Samsung joins the bandwagon of #10YearChallenge, and their video may hint us about a larger battery or faster charging coming with S10.

On another tweet, Ice Universe talks about the rumored ceramic back version of S10+. Allegedly the highest config of S10+ with 12 GB RAM and 1 TB internal memory will get this treatment.

This ceramic has a special process that is not only scratch resistant but also resistant to falling, but the weight will increase.

People are already speculating about it being the most slipperiest phone ?

[LEAK] Benchmark of International Galaxy S10

Courtesy to MySmartPrice, the Geekbench page of Exynos powered Galaxy S10 is now publicly known.

The International variant of S10 family should be powered by Samsung’s in-house Exynos platform. The benchmark talks about the regular S10 (SM-G973) with 6 GB RAM.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another render of rear camera setup

Two rear cameras for the base model (E/Lite) and 3 for both the regular and Plus.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] 256 GB base storage for Galaxy S10 5G model

According to the unnamed sources of SamMobile, Galaxy S10 X AKA the 5G variant will sport a whopping 256 GB internal memory as part of base config.

Sunday, 20th

[LEAK] Galaxy S10 variants are now BIS certified

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification provides third party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. Courtesy to Ishan Agarwal / @ishanagarwal24, we are now aware of BIS certification status of S10 family.

[LEAK] Samsung Pay hints about in-display fingerprint on S10 lineup

The latest Samsung Pay app contains references of S10 codename ‘beyond’ and it’s in-display fingerprint scanner. Discovered by XDA, the references doesn’t explicitly mention the variants of S10 lineup though, as the rumoured E/Lite one may come with side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The display cutout for front camera(s) are touch-sensitive

Ice Universe predicts that S10’s in-display camera holes will be touchable, similar to the newly release Galaxy A8s.

He also shows the hole animation, which is already known from the firmware files.

Monday, 21st

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The base variant of S10 will be called S10 Lite

Leakster Ishan Agarwal is here again and he claims that the ‘Lite’ moniker is finalised, not ‘E’. Also official covers for this variant will be made in various colours like green, blue, navy, yellow, white and others.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Price details of Galaxy S10 lineup

Thanks to, we may have some idea about the pricing model of the S10 family.

Although the information is more applicable in Italy, thus EU, but it certainly indicates about the hefty price tags. The S10+ will vary from €1049 to €1599, depending on memory configs.

The 6.1 inches regular S10 should come with €929 to €1179, as the internal storage and RAM varies. The cheapest S10, which is called ‘Lite’ here should be priced €779.

On the other hand, while they do mention two special variations of S10+, they are not ceramic.

Tuesday, 22nd

[LEAK][RUMOUR] AI enhanced game play engine

Spotted by, a recent trademark filed by Samsung reveals an interesting expression – “Neuro Game Booster“.

Flaunting about the AI capabilities of the SoCs (Exynos 9820/Snapdragon 855) can be one of the reasons behind the trademark. While Galaxy Note 9 features some AI enhancement on mobile gaming, Samsung may want to set the level one step higher with Galaxy S10.

[NEWS] ISOCELL Slim 3T2 sensor is here

Samsung announces new 20 MP ISOCELL Slim 3T2 sensor. Being the smallest image sensor in the industry at just 5.1 mm diagonal, this one is specifically designed for using with display cutouts.

[NEWS][RUMOUR] Improved camera features

According to The Korea Herald, Samsung has improved the camera features and the post processing algorithms significantly after being ordered by Lee Jae-yong, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics.

The news originated from a senior official familiar with the development. Also there are possible rumours about using the recently announced ISOCELL Slim 3T2 sensors in S10 lineup.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10+ leaks again

With two display holes for selfie cameras, here we go again:

Wednesday, 23rd

[LEAK] Another live image of S10 surfaces, with references of cryptocurrency wallet

This one comes from Gregory Blake / @GregiPfister89. Apart from the single display hole (indicating its a regular S10), this leak supports SamMobile’s previous claim about Samsung bundling blockchain support inside Galaxy S10.

The wallet is called ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’ in the pics and Ethereum is the only supported currency, which will likely to extend further.

[LEAK] Evidence of reverse wireless charging support

While there are multiple claims in past about S10’s reverse wireless charging, another new leak is here to boost it further.

Reported by, a picture of a purported presentation controller showing multiple features of S10 lineup is here.

The first four buttons are designated for an introductory video, the cinematic display, the in-display fingerprint scanner and the triple rear camera, respectively. The last one is quite interesting, as it is indicating reverse wireless charging support.

Thursday, 24th

[LEAK] Comparison with Galaxy A8s

Ice Universe compares the Galaxy A8s side by side with the yesterday’s leaked picture of Galaxy S10.

[RUMOUR] Battery details, thickness of Galaxy S10+

Ice Universe gives us hints about the thickness of the Plus variant. Compared to S9’s 8.5 mm, S10+ should be much thinner at 7.8 mm, while boasting a 4100 mAh battery.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another battery capacity details via certification authority

Brazil’s Anatel (The National Telecommunications Agency) is kind enough to give us battery capacity details of the whole S10 lineup.

Slashleaks spots it quickly but we have some doubts on the listing. The minimal capacity is shown as 3000 mAh for all S10 models which clearly contradicts with previous leaks.

S10 E/Lite probably sports a 3100 mAh (typical capacity) battery, which is only inline with this leak.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Live images of prototype S10 and S10+

Courtesy to, another set of live images are now leaked.

According to them, the devices are prototypes. Thus couple of shown features like the boot logo, wallpapers or even the bezels may change with the final release.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung talks about Exynos 9820 capabilities

In a press release, Samsung highlights the features of the incoming Exynos 9820 platform.

The chipset is built on 8 nm LPP process, which is much power efficient than last year’s 10 nm LPP process. The dedicated NPU and it’s AI capabilities are specifically mentioned.

Samsung made this platform to handle up to 5 camera modules, which is a clear indicator of Galaxy S10’s rumoured multi-camera setup. The International 5G variant of S10 will sport the same SoC, and the supporting modem should be Exynos Modem 5100.

Saturday, 26th

[LEAK] New wireless charger for Galaxy S10

Droid Shout people are able locate FCC certification of another new wireless charger from Samsung that may be bundled with upcoming S10 family.

The new charger comes with the model number of EP-P5200, which is clearly one step beyond of the existing EP-P5100. The new charger is rated at 12V 2.1A (~15W) input, which is higher than EP-P5100 (9V 1.67A) and almost similar to Samsung’s fast wireless charger duo (EP-N6100).

Sunday, 27th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another live image of S10+

S10+ with two front cameras is spotted again on Weibo. Android Pie’s recent app switcher is on the screen, which again indicates S10 runs One UI on top of Android 9.

Monday, 28th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Base model of S10 won’t be labeled as ‘Lite’

The naming convention of the upcoming S10 models is still a mystery. Especially with the base 5.8 inches variant is the king of controversies on this matter.

Now a leak is surfaced and it is from an anonymous source close to some Samsung rep. The tipster reached to GSMArena and if the claims are true, then the representative had access to working prototypes.

First of all, the cheapest (as well as smallest) Galaxy won’t be called ‘Lite’. Possibly the rumoured ‘E’ moniker is also cancelled. Rather the phone will just be the smallest Galaxy S10 with same internal specs as the other models – that’s all folks!

The premium version of S10+ should carry 12 GB RAM and 1 TB internal storage though, which is inline with previous speculations.

[RUMOUR] Samsung may reuse ‘The Game Changer’ tagline for S10

Samsung used the tagline ‘A Game Changer’ with last year’s Galaxy Note 9.

Now you are advised to take this with a little grain of salt, as someone claims they may reuse the same phrase for S10 for Italian/European markets.

Tuesday, 29th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Updated Anatel listing reveals revised battery capacity

The Anatel certification agency has updated their listing for S10 lineup and Nashville Chatter spots them.

The base model should be equipped with the battery model EB-BG970ABU (3000 mAh). EB-BG973ABU (3300 mAh) will be bundled with regular S10. The bigger S10+ will feature EB-BG975ABU (4000 mAh). These exact figures match accurately with previous leaks.

[NEWS] Galaxy S10 will satisfy consumer expectations, Samsung CEO suggests

The Investor has talked with Samsung CEO DJ Koh regarding upcoming Galaxy S10 and the much awaited foldable phone. He told the newspaper:

I will try my best to meet the expectations of consumers who have been waiting for our products,

There are some speculations about Koh’s retirement after this year’s Galaxy Unpacked event. He may take the responsibility of the declining profits of the mobile division and step down.

[NEWS] Samsung teases the 10th anniversary of Galaxy series with upcoming S10

The teaser was originally posted on Weibo, and High Tech News brings this to global audiences.

Wednesday, 30th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung officially introduces 1 TB UFS memory chips

The premium most S10+ model may feature a whopping 1 TB internal storage. And here we are – Samsung now officially reveals 1 TB UFS memory module for consumer market.

Samsung’s own 5th gen V-NAND tech is powering the new UFS 2.1 storage module. The benchmarks clearly show massive improvements compared to 2017’s 512 GB UFS module.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] New wireless battery pack may launch with S10

Roland Quandt / @rquandt, another prominent leakster hints about a new wireless battery pack with the model number EB-U1200. We can spot the FCC listing as well.

[NEWS] Mass production of Galaxy S10 begins

The Investor quotes a semi-anonymous source (a supplier firm) and confirms that LTE variants of S10 reach the mass production stage.

Samsung started mass producing the Galaxy S10 at its manufacturing lines in Korea on Jan. 25,

The 5G model and the foldable phone will start later on. All three regular LTE variants come in in-display fingerprint scanners.

Thursday, 31st

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official press renders of Galaxy S10+

91mobiles brings the storm again with the official press renders of Galaxy S10+.

These high quality renders second the previous leaks about triple rear camera setup and One UI on top of Android Pie.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another one: official (European) marketing pics of S10 and S10+

Roland Quandt is on fire as another leak comes from the guy.

This time it is the official European marketing pictures of regular Galaxy S10 and S10+.

He also mentions that the screen resolution as 2960 x 1440 pixels. Available colors are described as well.

Ice Universe doesn’t miss the chance to tip on it.

[LEAK] S10 LED view covers are certified by FCC

The LED view covers for LTE models of S10 are now certified by FCC.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10 ‘E’ or ‘Lite’ – this time it is ‘S10e’

Debunking their own claim, Ishan Agarwal now says the cheapest Galaxy will be called ‘S10e’, according to the sources.

February 2019

Friday, 1st

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official Netherlands/European pricing for Galaxy S10 lineup

Ishan collaborates with MySmartPrice this time to leak official pricing for the whole S10 family of phones.

The listing is for Netherlands, which should match with most other European countries. In fact it is inline with the previously leaked Italian pricing.

And S10 ‘Lite’ is nowhere – all hail the S10e.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official press renders of Galaxy S10e – yes, it is S10e!

Roland is relentless to leak more renders, and this time it’s all about the base variant of Galaxy S10 sporting a flat screen. No doubt it is S10e, as Ishan’s previous claim suggested.

Saturday, 2nd

[LEAK][RUMOUR] It is definitely S10e, not Lite

Ronald nails it.

[LEAK] S10 pre-orders will start from 22 Feb, 2019

The Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled on 21 February. Now an Indonesian user captures a picture of the announcement poster.

As a matter of interest, the time of the Unpacked event is quite early – 2 AM. The site ( is also live, but there is nothing but a countdown timer and a teaser video.

Sunday, 3rd

[LEAK] FCC listings of S10e, S10 and S10+ reveals WiFi 6 support

With the release date nearing, more and more official docs are surfaced about the S10 lineup. XDA now locates the FCC listings of LTE variants of S10 which gives us detailed view of the network connectivity options.

Most of the options remain unchanged from Galaxy S9, with the notable inclusion of 802.11ax AKA WiFi 6 support. The previously rumoured wireless reverse charging (‘Wireless Power Share’) is also mentioned in the docs.

The user manual is SM-G973U (the regular S10) is available, however it still contains old writeups.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The color option ‘Pearl White’ doesn’t exist…

…rather it will be called ‘Prism White’.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S9+ vs. S10+, another thickness comparison by Ice Universe

Monday, 4th

[LEAK] S10+ Exynos variant appears on Geekbench, showing better performance

Exynos 9820 powered Galaxy S10’s previous appearance on Geekbench lagged behind Snapdragon 855 variant in multi-core performance. This time, the multi-core score crossed 10K mark with S10+ (SM-G975F).

Tuesday, 5th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] ‘Prism White’ S10 emerges

Credit goes to evleaks:

[LEAK] Dummies of S10 and S10+ spotted

We know that mass production of S10 phones has begun. The dummies are just another indication of the same.

Wednesday, 6th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] All about S10e

Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission AKA NBTC in Thailand has certified the SM-G970F/DS model of S10e.

Spotted by MySmartPrice, the agency has also certified SM-G973F/DS (S10) and G975F/DS (S10+) models.

On the other hand, a Weibo user has posted bunch of images of S10e, including the boot logo and single punchhole display.

Leakster Roland Quandt updates his previous article with more high quality renders of Galaxy S10e. The side-mounted fingerprint sensor on power button is clearly visible there.

[LEAK] NY users can try S10 models as soon as it launches

This one comes from Max Weinbach of XDA.

Interested ones can pre-register here.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] 10 MP selfie camera with OIS

GSMArena reveals that all three S10 models will have OIS, dual pixel autofocus and 4K video capture on the 10 MP front camera. Similar reports are circulating on Chinese medias as well.

The exclusive information was leaked by an insider, who also told GSMArena that S10 lineup would sport a Super AMOLED display with support for 10-bit color processing.

Galaxy S10+ will have a 4,100 mAh battery and support wireless reverse charging, which are already known.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Galaxy S10+ mega leak

Just after the S10e leaks, we now have multiple leaks about S10+.

@SaudiAndroid shares couple of pics of the in-display fingerprint sensor of the top end LTE models of S10.

The original tweet is now deleted, but the images are circulating on the internet.

Meanwhile Ronald compares the exclusive Ceramic Black version of S10+ with the regular Prism Black variant.

His previous report about regular S10 and S10+ has also been updated with new high resolution renders.

That’s not the end! Another leak shows that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds can be wirelessly charged by Galaxy S10+.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10 India release and pricing

91mobiles has managed to extract some exclusive information about the Indian launch of the Galaxy S10 lineup from a Samsung distributor.

Thursday, 7th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The ‘e’ in S10e moniker means ‘Essential’

“At least according to some carrier’s marketing material.” – by Roland.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official cases and covers – there is a leather one!

Multiple leaks talked about Galaxy S10 bundled accessories in past.Thanks to Ishan, the existence of official leather cover is confirmed now.

Friday, 8th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Early adopters may get free Galaxy Buds as pre-order gifts digs into Samsung Russia’s S10 teaser page. The internal HTML texts confirm that Samsung is bundling free Galaxy Buds with the pre-order of S10, at least for some regions.

The pre-order period is also confirmed as 20th Feb – 7th Mar, which aligns with the 8th release date.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The Canary Yellow S10e render leaks

Once more, Ishan collaborates with MySmartPrice and leaks the render of the much-awaited Canary Yellow color variant of Galaxy S10e.

The physical dimensions of S10 lineup are once again confirmed by the leakster. He has also produced a comparison between official color variants.

[LEAK] Flipkart starts teasing S10

Walmart owned Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart puts a banner in their mobile app teasing the launch of Galaxy S10.

Besides the already known Feb 21 Unpack event date, there is only an option to notify the user.

Saturday, 9th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Once more: renders of regular S10 and S10e, plus official wallpapers

Evan Blass is kind enough to leak ‘unwatermarked’ renders of Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Ice Universe promptly extracts the wallpaper, albeit in lower resolution than the actual one.

Ishan Agarwal takes one step forward and posts other wallpapers extracted them from high quality press renders.

Sunday, 10th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Size comparison between renders

Ishan tries to compare the LTE models of S10 lineup based on their size.

Monday, 11th

[LEAK] Early pre-order for S10 by Samsung Philippines

Redditors spot the official Samsung Philippines page for ‘early pre-order‘ the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Samsung Philippines pre order page mechanics for S10 and freebies!
by inAndroid

Apart from free goodies, a limited edition phone is mentioned which will be available on March 15. Given the rumors are trues, it can be the highest specced S10+ with 12 GB RAM, 1 TB internal storage and a Ceramic Black build.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Cinnabar Red color variant of S10 surfaces

Apart from the typical black, white, blue, and green colors, we spotted the Cannery Yellow variant of S10e a few days ago. Now Mobile Crypto Tech unveils the Cinnabar Red variant of S10.

This particular variant also features an anime character as the wallpaper. Judging from the notions, it may be a region specific limited release.

Max J. AKA @Samsung_News_ however suggests that the image is fake.

He believes that the leaked images by Roland Quandt earlier are being modified.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung drops another teaser for the February 20’s Unpacked event

The S10 release may be accompanied by the foldable Galaxy phone.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Galaxy S10+ ad banner leaks

A leakster is tipped by another anonymous leaker – what a day!

It comes from evleaks and allegedly looks like a poster or similar advertising material.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another render: Blue color variant of S10 and S10e

Together with MySmartPrice, Ishan is on a leaking spree!

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Ceramic S10 listed by Vietnamese retailer

SamMobile reveals that Vietnamese retailer FTP Shop has the ceramic Galaxy S10 listed for VND 30,990,000 (~$1,333).

This particular model is listed with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage, whereas a costlier version with 1 TB internal storage and 12 GB RAM should also exist.

Tuesday, 12th

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung starts teasing Galaxy S10’s features such as ultrasonic in-display fingerprint

Samsung Vietnam puts 3 teaser videos for Galaxy S10’s exclusive features.

The first one talks about the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader.

The second one is all about OIS in selfie camera, which also supports 4K capturing.

The third one talks about battery, especially the wireless reverse charging tech.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Leaked documents unveil detailed camera details of S10 family

GSMArena has their hands on a set of leaked datasheets, thanks to an anonymous tip. Apart of color options and configs, the documents contain very detail informations about the camera specs of the whole S10 lineup.

Regular Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ have triple rear cameras (12 f/2.4 45-degree telephoto / 12MP f/1.5 77-degree typical / 16MP f/2.2 fixed-focus 123-degree ultra-wide). The cheaper Galaxy S10e is listed with a regular and an ultra-wide camera.

Camera related software features such as a smart composition guide, a scene optimizer, and two super slow-mo modes are also listed.

Oh, and the 12 GB/1 TB variant with exclusive ceramic back can also be spotted inside the documents.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Firmware analysis hints about new camera features in S10

If you recall correctly, XDA was the first to confirm the existence of the ‘beyond’ codename for Galaxy S10 by analyzing Android Pie firmware for Galaxy S9+.

This time, XDA discovers a couple of camera features which should be present in upcoming Samsung’s flagship.

These features include full HD Super Slow Motion, ‘Best Shot’, HDR10+ video recording, flaw detection improvements, ‘Super steady’ video recording, HEIF support and ‘Scene Optimizer’ with Ultra Wide Angle support.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Hands-on video shows S10 official cases

Casemaker Mobile Fun shares a video featuring official leather and LED view covers for the S10 family of phones.

Wednesday, 13th

[LEAK] Firmware build numbers for Galaxy S10+

Max Weinbach from XDA drops a nice teaser on the firmware builds of Galaxy S10+.

[LEAK][OFFICIAL INFO] Free Galaxy Buds with S10 pre-order confirmed by Samsung Vietnam

The Vietnamese site of Samsung confirms the previous rumor about bundling free Galaxy Buds with Galaxy S10 pre-order.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Hands-on video shows S10+ with perforated screen protector

Mobile Fun shares another video of S10+, where the screen protector can be clearly seen. It packs few holes for the ultrasonic FoD and the dual selfie cameras.

[LEAK][OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung officially mentions ‘S10e’ in their French site is able to spot the listing on the French site of Samsung, where S10e is present alongside S10 and S10+.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung puts up giant billboards across major cities to promote the Galaxy Unpacked event

They really want to unfold the future.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung shares exchange and pre-reservation benefit details for US users

According to Samsung US, Upto $550 can be saved for trading in eligible devices which include Note 9, S9/S9+, Pixel 3, and iPhone X/XS/XR/8/8+. Moreover, an instant credit of $50 on accessories is also a part of the deal.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Samsung may showcase the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 in MWC

evleaks shares the floor plan of Samsung’s exhibition place in MWC 2019.

We can’t help but notice the ‘5G’ tag inside the venue. FYI, ‘beyond’ is the codename of Galaxy S10 family.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] More renders, probable 5G release, updated dimensions

Leakster Ishan is on fire, and he just uncovers tons of new info about rumored launch of Galaxy S10 5G and another set of high resolution renders of the cameras.

Thursday, 14th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] First look at ‘Luxurious Ceramic White’ variant of S10+

Once again, Ishan unveils another color option for Galaxy S10+. This time, it is ‘Luxurious White’ on the ceramic back which is allegedly reserved for the top end model of S10+.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Samsung may release the 5G hotspot (codename: bolt) device at Galaxy Unpacked

Leakster Ishan corrects himself. According to him, Samsung’s 5G hotspot (codename: bolt) may be released on February 20th instead of the Galaxy S10 5G.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] S10+ is definitely getting a ceramic back version, according to FCC

cstark27 from XDA has noticed that the FCC certifications of SM-G975 AKA S10+ mention ceramic back for the phone.

[OFFICIAL INFO] Samsung recreates Over the Horizon tune for Galaxy S10

The iconic Over the Horizon tune started its journey with Galaxy S2, back in 2011. Samsung rebooted it once more for the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series.

The new “Over the Horizon” arrangement was composed by Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price and performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official screen protectors for S10 may not be perforated

There are new claims that say the official screen protective films do not have holes. The in-display fingerprint protector works fine with them.

Friday, 15th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Galaxy S10+ 12 GB RAM variant appears on benchmark sites with stunning performance

The Exynos 9820 equipped S10+ with 12 GB RAM and 1 TB internal storage appears on AnTuTu as well as Geekbench with extra ordinary high performance results.

SM-G975F is the codename of the phone, which is clearly the international variant of S10+. The phone shows impressive multi core score on Geekbench (9753).

In case of AnTuTu, it even beats nubia Red Magic Mars by scoring over 325000. Red Magic Mars was the leading fastest Android smartphone in January 2019.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The ceramic back model may appear in US and other markets with 512 GB storage

Leakster Roland says the ceramic back is not exclusive to the 1 TB storage variant.

[LEAK] Samsung still labels the ‘E’ variant as ‘Lite’ internally

Looking inside the firmware, XDA’s Max Weinbach discovers that the ‘Lite’ moniker is still being used by Samsung internally.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Galaxy S10e will not feature the heart rate sensor

Samsung introduced Galaxy S5 with a PPG heart rate sensor and it became a standard feature in Galaxy S series thereafter.

Well, it looks like the cheaper S10e needs to cut it down.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Galaxy S10e will use software based enhancement on camera features

According to Ishan Agarwal, Galaxy S10e’s secondary rear camera is not capable of handling features like Portrait Mode or Bokeh Function.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Side by side comparison between the ceramic back models of S10+

‘Luxurious Ceramic White’ & ‘Luxurious Ceramic Black’ – pick yours.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Leaked firmware builds confirm that 5G Galaxy S10 is being tested by Verizon and AT&T

FYI, SM-G977 should be the model number of the 5G variant of Galaxy S10.

Sunday, 17th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Every variation of Galaxy S10+ revealed

Courtesy to evleaks:

[LEAK][RUMOUR] The launch color of LTE Galaxy S10 models in US will be Prism Blue

Monday, 18th

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Europe (at least Scandinavia) will get the ceramic back S10+ with 512 GB variant

Leakster Roland speculated earlier about the availability of ceramic back models with 512 GB internal storage on select markets, including USA. He has now confirmed that Scandinavia and other European regional markets will get it as well.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Another hands-on video of S10 and S10+ goes live, showing multiple features including reverse wireless charging

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official LED cover for S10 lineup appears once more with ‘Emotional LED Lighting Effect’

Leakster Roland shows them with their full glory.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Exclusive preview of Galaxy S10 will be held in India on February 21

Indian Samsung fans, rejoice! Samsung will conduct an exclusive preview for the “Next Galaxy” in eight major cities (Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune) in India on February 21 – a day after the official Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco.

Thanks to SamMobile, we also know that these events will be scheduled at 05:30 PM IST (01:00 PM CET), and no registrations are required to attend.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official screen protectors for S10 do not have a hole

Contrary to some previous claims, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner should work fine with official screen protectors, which will not feature any hole.

On the other hand, Whitestone’s tempered glass claims to be compatible with S10 family. Their LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) tech ensures removal of air gap, thus it should work fine with the FoD module.

[LEAK][RUMOUR] Official posters of Galaxy S10e and Galaxy Buds

While they bring nothing new, but the ‘official’ tag is cute. 😛

Tuesday, 19th

[LEAK] First TV spot of Galaxy S10 is here

The launch day is almost here, and we have the first TV commercial from Norway.

PSA: The ad highlights nothing new – blame it on all those earlier leaks!

Wednesday, 20th

[LEAK] Another TV spot and more official renders!

These renders comes from Verizon.

On the other hand, Ishan has got his hands on another (probably Turkish) TV spot:

Wednesday, 20th

[OFFICIAL INFO] This is the day!

No more speculation, no more leak – Galaxy S10 is now official!

The official live stream of the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event can be seen here:

To be humble, this time we have got too many prior leaks that make the event quite numb. Not entirely though, as Samsung shows us the first folding phone AKA Samsung Fold as well as the monstrous 5G variant of Galaxy S10.

As speculated earlier, there are 3 major variants of the regular LTE Galaxy S10. All of them feature a 19:9 Dynamic AMOLED screen with punch hole/’Infinity-O’ display which is HDR10+ capable which is first of its kind.

S10e has a 5.8 inch flat screen, whereas regular S10 (6.1 inch) and S10+ (6.4 inch) opt for curved QHD+ screens. Depending on your region, you will get either Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855 SoC based powerhouse, with 6/8/12 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128/256/512/1024 GB of internal storage. A microSD slot supporting upto 512 GB is also there.

Samsung works hard on the camera segment, and the last few speculations match with the actual implementation. A capable combination of telephoto (except S10e), wide-angle and ultra Wide trio with AI enhancements make S10 the camera beast of this year.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack remains. Samsung bumps the battery capacity up to 4100 mAh on the S10+ variant. Unfortunately the Korean OEM sticks to age old Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging of traditional wired charging, but puts upgraded 12 W Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 and Wireless Power Share (reverse charging) techs.

The 5G variant is way more large – 6.7 inch! Most of the specs are similar to S10+, with the addition of 4500 mAh battery, quad rear cameras and 25 W Super Fast Charging.

The phones run Android 9 Pie with Samsung’s own One UI. The 5G variant will be Verizon exclusive before wider availability.

Regarding pricing, Galaxy S10e will be available for $749, while the regular S10 will be $899. The Galaxy S10+ will be $999, but we don’t know anything about the pricing of the 5G model.




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