YouTube's spam subscription removal affected T-Series more than PewDiePie

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Yesterday, we told you about a YouTube announcement where-in the company said users may see a noticeable decrease in their sub count as spam subscriptions are being removed. Today, the Google-owned platform announced the process has been completed.

This has now fully rolled out and subscriber counts are updated across YouTube (YouTube Analytics, the Channel page, etc). Reminder: if your channel had spam removed, you’ll see a YouTube Studio alert

If like us, you were also wondering what impact does this spam subscription removal process would have on the PewDiePie vs T-Series war, we now have some news for you.

The Swedish YouTuber himself took to Twitter to reveal how many subscribers he lost. Not only that, Felix also revealed how much the process affected T-Series’ subscriber count.

Only lost 40k, already made that back

So you can see, PewDiePie lost around 40,000 subscribers, and gained those many new subscribers in no time. T-Series, meanwhile, lost 200,000 subscribers, Felix said (see the following tweet).

As of now, PewDiePie is over a million subs ahead of T-Series. The following video is a live stream of the channel’s real time sub counts.

If you are wondering what that reference to Verge means in Felix’s last tweet, well, PewDiePie took a dig at tech publication The Verge, as the website – while highlighting how PewDiePie’s shout out to an anti-Semitic YouTube channel affected that channel’s subscriber count – incorrectly mentioned a again of 150,000 subscribers, instead of the the actual 15,000 figure.

While The Verge corrected their mistake shortly after the article’s publication, PewDiePie took no mercy, and hit out at the publication not once but twice during their video response to the whole controversy that their shout out ignited.

Here’s their response video:

Meanwhile, PewDiePie has been receiving a lost of hate and distasteful comments from many prominent people.

A few days back, we told you how a BuzzFeed News reporter tried to drag PewDiePie into a new controversy, but failed. Then after that, we highlighted that another journalist said some distasteful things about the YouTuber.

Here’s what the BuzzFeed reporter had tried to highlight and the response to what they uncovered:

And here’s what popular video game journalist Danny O’Dwyer has been saying about PewDiePie recently.

And yesterday, it has come to light that a Ubisoft employee has urged gaming industry “to end” PewDiePie, and cut ties with him. Dianna, who works with the Ubisoft Massive team on The Division made these comments in a tweet:

Enough is enough. Gaming Industry: I’m going to need you to end this dude. You know EXACTLY who you are. Cut ties with him… NOW.

Coming back to T-Series vs PewDiePie, the YouTube spat has resulted in PewDiePie fans taking down the official T-Series website. The site has been down for days now. For more details on the hack, including who did it, head here.

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