[Updated continuously] iOS 12.0.1/12 bugs, problems, issues and changes

Update (October 13):

Going by latest reports, the Phone app freeze/crash issue has made way from iOS 12 to iOS 12.0.1. Read more about it here.

Update (October 12):

With iOS 12.0.1’s arrival, problems like calling issues, broken Bluetooth connectivity, and battery drainage have come to light. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS LTE issue continues to persist.

Update (October 09):

iOS 12.0.1 as been released, fixes charging gate and WiFi issues on iPhone XS, iPad keyboard glitch, missing subtitles from video apps and Bluetooth problem.

ios 12.0.1

Original story follows:

Apple released iOS 12 just yesterday.

And as is usually the case, we at PiunikaWeb bring you useful and actionable information related to this release that you’ll likely not find anywhere else.

So fasten your seat belt, the flight is about to take off.

iMessage threads/chats merging issue

The streamlining feature of iMessage in iOS 12 (combining or merging different chats from same contact) has introduced major problems for users. More info here.

iPhone X users report display issues

Writing for Forbes, Gordon Kelly has shared a significant number of reports (mostly from iPhone X users) complaining about iOS 12 messing up with their unit’s display.

The problem results in “poor contrast levels, unbalanced colours and overexposed black levels.” More info on the problem here.

Javascript bug plaguing Safari on iOS 12

A nasty java script bug has made way to Safari web browser in iOS 12. More info here.

Microsoft confirms accessibility issue with iOS native mail app

Microsoft Intune Support Team recently confirmed an iOS 12 issue.

They updated their official page informing their Apple customers that after installing iOS 12 they may find their native mail app blocked.

They say it’s a known issue related to conditional access policies.

Here’s how they explained it:

There’s a known issue with iOS 12, EAS, and conditional access policies. Customers whose end users update to iOS 12 immediately on the September 17th expected iOS 12 availability may find that their iOS native mail app is blocked by conditional access even if they meet the criteria to pass the policies.

Worry not. A fix is already in works and will be landing soon as confirmed by Microsoft support.

While a fix is in production in Exchange, it is rolling out as part of the safe rollout process, so it’s possible for at most a 48-hour period after iOS releases that conditional access policies will need to be adjusted by the MDM admin to ensure continued email access on iOS devices.


Here’s their official post if you wish to take a look.

Subtitles missing from iTV Hub app

A few hours ago, iTV Hub took to Twitter to inform about a problem related to iOS 12.

The update has introduced subtitles related issues with the service.

Apart from acknowledging the issue, they also mentioned that Apple is already working to resolve the problem.

So hopefully, a fix should be arriving soon.

No Bluetooth icon in status bar

Right after installing iOS 12, many Apple users started chiming about the Bluetooth icon not showing on the device’s status bar despite being enabled.

With proliferation of complaints, Apple Support quickly informed the users (through their official Twitter handle) that it’s not a bug.

The company says it is an intended change introduced with the newest update.

Update installation glitch

A lot of users across micro-blogging site Twitter are complaining about update installation failure.

We understand this could be due to server clogging, but the number of complaints makes the problem worth highlighting.

For a quick glance here’s what some of the users say:


You can try the following two user shared workarounds that we have found so far:

Black line issue


WhatsApp issues/h3>

Bug with WhatsApp in the new IOS 12. With the horizontal orientation turned on. You open WhatsApp you flip it horizontal and you try to flip vertical again and you are left blank


Bluetooth issues

Well nothing, first failure in IOS 12, the Bluetooth does not start and there is no way to put it in motion


Some other reports



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