Phone app freezing on iOS 12.0.1 as well, users say

Last month, Apple released iOS 12, a major update. And soon after, reports related to an issue with the Phone app started pouring in (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). Complainants said the app completely freezes when they try using it.

Sadly, iOS 12.0.1 appears to have made no difference.

For a quick flashback, here’s how one of the complainants explained the problem behavior when it was first reported after iOS 12:

I am using an iPhone X with 256 GB storage, updated to iOS 12.0 (16A366). Since the update my Phone app freezes on the contacts screen. It’s quite particular, because when the Phone app freezes, then the photo in “My Contact Card” disappears, the screen becomes unresponsive, I can force quite the Phone app and when I open the app again it launches straight into the same screen and is unresponsive. During all this time, all other apps on the iPhone work correctly. The issue is strictly limited to the Phone app, which is kind’a crucial to the iPhone. The only solution is restarting the iPhone which brings relief for a couple of days, before the same symptoms return.

The Phone app hanging/becoming unresponsive (or crashing) behavior has reportedly made way even to the latest iOS. Users who upgraded to iOS 12.0.1 – hoping to see the freezing behavior fixed – are now disappointed and here’s what they have to say (1,2,3,4,5):

Having the same problem iPhone X 256GB iOS 12.0.1. I was also hoping the update would fix the issue, but it does not. I have noticed though that if I keep the phone app open on the screen it gets itself unstuck in 5-15 seconds and then I can scroll or move from tab to tab in the app.

Unfortunately its still happens with update 12.0.1. I got the same problem with iPhone 7 128Gb.

I have this exact problem with a 7. Lots of memory and everything else seems to *mostly*work. The core app, the phone, freezes all the time and the only thing I can do is reboot or use Siri to call. Doesn’t seem to matter what page – it freezes soon as you open it. Contacts, recent calls, etc. I updated to 12.01 hoping it would fix it but nope. I hope they fix soon!

I have an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.0.1 and it started 3 days ago. Rebooting works briefly, but then I run into the issue again. I’m sick of this happening and would like to see a fix ASAP!

I have a 5SE with the same issue ever since updating to 12.0.0. The 12.0.1 update didn’t seem to fix anything and restarting only worked the first few times. At least now it is suck on “Recents” so I can see what calls I’ve missed. Would be nice to hear voicemails though…

I’m having the same problem since updating to 12.0.0 on the iPhone 8 Plus and was hoping that 12.0.1 would fix the problem.

It’s quite clear from user reports that the app freezing behavior is not device specific, rather an issue at iOS level. Considering the proliferating complaints, we hope the company takes a look into the matter, and does the needful to fix things up.

BTW, have you updated your Apple device to iOS 12.0.1? If yes, is the Phone app crashing or freezing on your unit as well? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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