No fix for iPhone XS LTE connectivity issues in iOS 12.0.1, users say

While the newest iOS 12.0.1 update landed a couple of days back, bringing along fixes for some major issues like charging gate, Bluetooth, WiFi and more, it reportedly didn’t address a major iPhone XS/XS Max problem – poor LTE or cellular reception.

What exactly is the issue: Going by reports, sporadic drops or loss of signal, weak connectivity and slow speed of LTE on iPhone XS and XS Max units, right out of the box has perturbed a lot of device buyers. Resultantly, phone calls have been an annoying experience because of the on and off signal reception.

Though users were relieved when it came to notice that Apple is looking into the LTE connectivity concerns on their latest flagships, those who expected to receive a fix in the very next update (i.e. iOS 12.0.1, which is already out) are disappointed.

Postings can be seen across Apple Community with majority users confirming the issue still stands unaddressed. For a quick glance, following are some of the selected user comments:

12.0.1 fixed the WiFi (and charging) issues, but did nothing to fix the more important LTE issue

Yeah I’ve heard good and bad about 12.0.1. For me, cellular is still the same because there’s no carrier settings update

I myself am affected. I’ve had 3 replacements and nothing worked. I lived with it for 2 weeks until yesterday 12.0.1. It worked on WiFi for speeds and range but not for cellular. LTE is still a struggle. I believe that this will be fixed because we all doubted the WiFi gate and it worked (for most).

Not only that, the comments section of MacRumors iOS 12.0.1 coverage is filled up with similar ‘no fix’ posts. Meanwhile, Apple Support continues to reach out to those affected, with no good news about the fix, but queries.

Apple support reached out to me last night to follow up, but only to ask if I tried updating to 12.0.1 and if that resolved my wifi issues. I asked about the status of the LTE analysis and was given a “the engineers have the logs, I don’t have any update”.

The story doesn’t end here.

WiFi glitch not fixed for all

The change log of iOS 12.0.1 clearly called the iPhone XS-WiFi problem fixed.


But, it reportedly hasn’t been cured to the core, at least not for all.

Update: the 12.0.1 update does not fix my issue. I am still experiencing weak 5Ghz coverage and as I don’t broadcast a 2.5ghz it fails back to 3/4g regularly and has the same difficulties in re-connecting

I’m very sorry to say that for me, 12.0.1 didn’t solve the issue. My Xs still performs just as bad as before.

I only have a 5GHz network at home so the 12.0.1 fix does nothing for me. 5GHz wifi is still exactly half the speed with my XS Max compared to my iPhone 7. Please fix the problem! I already had two support calls and went to the Apple store. They told me they could not do anything to help me.

Other minor issues

A couple of minor issues have also come to light after the iOS 12.0.1 update.

Settings badge notification

After the latest update, some users also report of seeing a notification mark on Settings, despite no pending update.

As suggested here, all you gotta do is log out of your iCloud account and log in again to rectify this glitch.

Landscape glitch

Another issue coming to light is broken landscape mode after the update, complaints regarding which are currently limited.

Landscape bug in iOS 12.01 from ios

We hope Apple does the needful and quickly delivers fixes for the pending as well the issues triggered with the latest update. Rest assured, we are keeping an active tab on all related developments and will update as and when anything newsworthy comes to our notice.

BTW, how’s iOS 12.0.1 acting on your Apple unit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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