Update (June 09):

OnePlus 6 OxygenOS 5.1.6 update has started rolling out, brings along front/selfie camera portrait mode and Light Bokeh preview in portrait mode for rear camera, battery percentage icon, scheduled DnD, Idea VoLTE services in India, dual-4G option in SIM and network settings, and more.

Original story:

OnePlus took no time to roll out the first OnePlus 6 update after the device’s launch. While the update brought along some new features, it silently pulled the Always On Display functionality.

What’s, however, good is we just received confirmation from the Chinese company the AOD feature may make a come back in the Android P update for the device.

While Android P for OP6 may still be weeks (or months) away, the next OnePlus 6 update may not be that far. And what makes the upcoming update news-worthy is a list of bugs that OnePlus has officially confirmed will be fixed in the update. So without further ado, here’s what all OnePlus has revealed.

Call sound disappears on speaker mode

Several OnePlus 6 users have been facing an issue where-in during a call if they turn on the speaker phone, the call volume disappears. Even re-enabling the earpiece doesn’t bring the call sound back. Thankfully, the company has confirmed this will be fixed in the next update.

Question: The call sound on my OnePlus 6 disappears when switching to the speaker, and there’s still no sound when turning back to the earpiece.
Answer: Thanks for the feedback, this issue will be fixed in the next update.

Low sound in calls

OnePlus has also confirmed that the low notification and call sound problem that users have been reporting will also be fixed in the next update.

Question: I found that the sound in notifications and calls are a bit low, are you going to fix it?
Answer: Yes. Thanks for the feedback. We will have it fixed in the next update.

DnD, battery percentage, and three dots

The three dots problem we highlighted here will also be fixed in the next update. Plus, missing battery percentage icon in status bar and scheduled DnD feature will also be added in the next update.

Question: I keep seeing three dots on the status bar. It’s kind of annoying.
Answer: Gotcha. The three dots in the status bar will be removed in the next update ; )

Question: Can you please explain why there is no option for Battery Percentage in the status bar?
Answer: Feedback received. We will support it in the next update.

Question: The new alert slider works handy! However I didn’t see the Scheduled DND feature.
Answer: Nice catch. We plan to have it in the next software update too.

Camera focus issue

There have also been several reports of OnePlus 6 camera auto-focus not working properly. Well, the good news is the company has confirmed this problem will also be fixed.

Question: What about the rear camera’s autofocus issue?
Answer: We hear you. This will be fixed in upcoming updates. Thanks!

However, given that they have said “in upcoming updates,” it’s likely the very next update won’t include the fix.

Display cut/UI overlap issues

We’re seeing reports about UI overlapping or display getting cut off, and have also been able to reproduce this on our OnePlus 6 unit. What’s good is OnePlus official Twitter handle has confirmed they are working on resolving the problem, and a fix will be made available soon (presumably in the second update).


So that’s all what OnePlus has officially confirmed.

Selfie portrait mode coming

OnePlus social media handles and forum moderators are also confirming that support for portrait mode in front camera is also in the works and will be made available in the future.

Auto brightness flickering issue

On XDA, multiple OnePlus 6 users are reporting the display on their unit flickers wildly when they try using the phone in direct sun light with auto brightness turned on. They say they have to turn off the auto brightness feature to use the phone.

OnePlus hasn’t confirmed this problem yet. However, we are monitoring, and will update in case complaints pile up.

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