Update (May 29):

Just In: the feature may make a come back in Android P update. For more info, head here.

Update (May 27):

Company confirms they removed the ‘Always on’ Ambient Display feature from OnePlus 6 because of battery issues. Here’s the official statement:

“We have an official update from our Technical Team confirming that always on display on OnePlus 6 was removed due to battery saving concern”

Original story:

The newest member in the smartphone family of Chinese manufacturer OnePlus recently received its very first software update. Yes, we are talking about OP6, the just-launched flagship. While the update brought along multiple useful changes, it seems to have introduced major problems.

Just yesterday, we reported on serious network issues users are facing in Europe, and now it has come to light the update has also taken away a key feature – ‘Always on’ Ambient Display – and users are sheerly disappointed because of this move.

Why did OnePlus release their latest flagship device backed with the AOD feature, if they intended to remove it within a couple of days? That’s what users are complaining about on the company’s official help forums (1,2).

The following user-shared screenshot of the option in question pretty much confirms that it existed before the update.


A quick go through the following selection of user comments will give you more clarity on the matter:

When i unboxed the phone today there was an update to be downloaded and before installing the update i switched on ‘Always on display’ not ‘lift to display’ but after installing the update this feature was removed and only can use lift to display.

My one plus 6 was shipped with firmware that had always on display option baked in . but after updating it is gone , gutted. what’s going on there.

Just got my new OnePlus 6. Upgraded from OnePlus One. The device had the always on display prior to installing the update. However, the feature got removed.

Similar reports can be seen on Reddit (1,2) and XDA as well.

OnePlus 6 Ambient Display always on.
byu/paket911 inoneplus

Going by user discussions across different help forums, it appears that the AOD feature was either in experimental phase or was causing battery drain and may route back to OnePlus 6 in a future update. But there’s currently no confirmation about it, as the company is yet to offer a word on it.

We hope OnePlus sheds some light on the matter, and give clarity to those complaining. Meanwhile, we are keeping a close watch on the matter, and will update as and when any development takes place.

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