From poor microphone performance (during calls) to low quality audio in recorded videos, Google Pixel 2 devices have seen it all. A new issue is now adding to the trail of audio related bugs – low volume for recorded audio/voice messages. Strangely, the problem appears to be specifically on Pixel 2 XL devices, and Google is already on it.

Basically, users say different messaging apps that support sound recording – like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram – are recording barely-audible voice messages on Pixel 2 XL phones. Both the sender and receiver of such messages confirm this behavior.


Here are a couple of users who’ve explained the matter in detail:


If those details aren’t enough, take a look at the following user-shared video showing the low volume audio recording issue (3:20 onward) on a Pixel 2 XL device when compared to an iPhone X:

Going by what some complainants speculate, it’s a glitch with microphone gain, as audio-levels in recorded videos work as intended.


The problem is not limited to third party apps only, as some have reported the same glitch even with Google’s own apps as well (like Allo and Messages). Also it’s worth mentioning that the problem was originally highlighted on Android 8.0, but wasn’t fixed, and hence made way to 8.1.

In addition to online forums, some of the affected users also took to Twitter to chime about the same:

One of the users who got in touch with Google support team also shared what they got to hear from them.


The problem is now being widely reported across different help forums – Pixel User Community, Reddit, and XDA – and presumably because of that Google has now jumped into action, officially confirming the issue this morning. Here’s what Google employee Orrin said while addressing the complainants:

Want to let you all know that we are aware of this, and looking into it


While it’s a relief that the company is aware and looking into the matter, how long will it take to fix the issue is not known yet. We hope Google fixes it sooner than later. Meanwhile, we are keeping a tab and will update all related developments.

Pixel User Community 1 2 3 4 | Reddit 1 2 3 | XDA

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