Update (January 20):

Google is providing replacements for Pixel/Pixel 2 users facing microphone issue. For more information head here.

Update 2 (November 09):

Ongoing discussion on the thread in question reveals that blowing into the bottom speaker of the phone resolved the issue for some of the affected users.


Here’s a user shared video confirming the same.

Update 1 (October 25):

An affected Pixel 2 user called themselves to confirm that their device’s microphone only worked when they switched to speaker. Following is the voice-mail in question (we uploaded it on SoundCloud) that you can listen for yourself:

Original story below:

There are already multiple Pixel 2-related issues that Google has either acknowledged or is investigating. Just recently, the screen burn-in issue and clicking sounds issue came to light, and now, you can add one more to the list – multiple Pixel 2 users are now reporting problem with their unit’s microphone.

Specifically, users face the problem while making calls or using voice recognition apps. What’s being reported is that during an incoming/outgoing call, the person on the other side is not able to hear unless the phone’s speaker is turned on, which means the mic does not work while in normal mode.


The affected users add that apart from inhibiting calls, the microphone glitch also restricts them from using voice input/recognition apps like Google Assistant. The issue doesn’t appear to be hardware specific, as users also note the mic works fine while recording a video, or – as mentioned earlier – using speaker phone while calling.

Sensing the seriousness of the problem, an expert (who is a ‘top contributor’ at Pixel User Community) escalated the issue to Google on October 23.


The company quickly swung into action, with Google employee Orrin (who is also the Community Manager at Pixel User Community) asking for bug reports, something which usually indicates that the company is taking the complaints seriously and has formally begun the investigation process.

pixel-microphone- google

At our end, while searching for more information on the matter, we stumbled upon some threads on Reddit, where first gen Pixel users are complaining of encountering a similar, microphone-related trouble after updating to Android Oreo.




However, there have been similar complaints with first-gen Pixels even before the Oreo update arrived.


So it’s too early to even speculate what’s the root cause of Pixel 2 mic issue.

We’re waiting for an official word from Google, and are also keeping an eye on the number of complaints (as it’s being reported by a limited number of Pixel 2 users as of now). Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated about any related developments in future.

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