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Pokemon Go : New Unova Region Generation 5 Pokemon coming to the game

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla Jan 24, 2020 Gaming,  News 0

Augmented Reality is advancing in the world and so are its uses & implementation. Pokemon Go is one of the best implementations of Augmented Reality when it comes to gaming...

Pokemon Go : Generation 5 Pokemon that will appear in Wild, Eggs, Raids & Regionally

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla Sep 17, 2019 Apps,  Gaming,  News 0

Week three of the Ultra Bonus event has gone live today, and Generation 5 Pokemon have made their entry for the first time into the game. Niantic has also teased...

Pokemon Go : Generation 5, Shiny Mewtwo, new shinies coming to game under Ultra Bonus event

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla Aug 21, 2019 Apps,  Gaming,  News 0

Niantic has released the details regarding the Ultra Bonus event which starts on September 2, 2019. After completing Blanche, Candela, and Spark challenges, players have successfully unlocked the Ultra Bonus...