For some Google Pixel owners, the once familiar landscape of their phone’s navigation bar has recently taken a bizarre turn. Since the March update, a strange software bug has been causing the navbar to inexplicably shift to the right or left side of the screen, mimicking its placement in landscape mode even when the phone is upright. Imagine trying to navigate your apps with the back button suddenly appearing on the side, a disorienting experience to say the least.

Pixel users first reported this glitch back in March, with a product expert promptly escalating the issue for investigation. Weeks later, the April update arrived, but the navigation bar saga continued, leaving users frustrated and longing for a fix.

I’m currently on the April update (Pixel 7). And ever since I updated, there has been a bug with my navbar. It always goes to the right side of my screen whenever I’m on app switcher mode, or sometimes when I switch from one app to another. How do I fix this?

With the May update just around the corner, the question on everyone’s mind is whether this time will be the charm. And indeed, there’s a glimmer of hope.

A Google employee, responding to user complaints on Reddit, has confirmed that a fix for the navigation bar glitch has been found and will be released soon. While it’s still unclear whether the fix will arrive with the May update, this news is a welcome relief for Pixel owners who have been grappling with this quirky issue for months.


This rollercoaster ride of a software bug highlights the importance of timely updates and open communication between developers and users. While the wait for a fix has been long, the confirmation that a solution is on the way brings a sense of relief and restores faith in Google’s commitment to resolving user pain points. So, Pixel users, stay tuned! The day your navigation bar returns to its rightful place in the bottom center might just be around the corner.

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