While digging into the code of the latest Google Photos update (version through an ‘APK Peek,’ I noticed an interesting detail about the upcoming “My Week” feature.

APK Peek: The information contained in our “APK Peek” articles is based on decompiled code from APKs. Decompiling code provides glimpses into potential features, in the form of strings. These features, however, are not guaranteed to be implemented by Google. In some instances, we might attempt to enable these features to offer a detailed look. Please note that our assumptions about a set of strings might not always be perfect.

Previously, reports suggested “My Week” would allow users to share weekly highlights with chosen contacts. This new information, however, indicates an additional feature: the ability for recipients to like the shared photos and videos.

Strings discovered within the code, such as “photos_stories_myweek_liked_photo” and “photos_stories_myweek_liked_video,” hint at this functionality. These strings specifically mention liking both photos and videos, confirming that “My Week” won’t be limited to images.

You’ll be able to see who liked your photos and videos within the app. Here are the new strings that highlight the capability:

<string name="photos_stories_myweek_liked_photo">%1$s liked this photo</string>
<string name="photos_stories_myweek_liked_video">%1$s liked this video</string>

This is a welcome addition, allowing for more interactive sharing within “My Week.” Imagine capturing a funny video with friends and sharing it through “My Week” – they’ll be able to react with a simple like, fostering a more engaging experience.

It’s important to remember that “My Week” is still under development, as evidenced by its presence in the code. There’s no official confirmation of the feature’s release date or its final functionalities. However, this APK Peek offers a glimpse into what Google Photos might have in store for sharing your weekly memories.

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