Google Photos on your Pixel and other devices might soon get two exciting additions: ‘My Week’ and ‘Real-time album.’ These features, although hidden in the latest version’s code, suggest Google’s dedication to making photo sharing more intuitive and personalized.

Imagine reliving your week’s best moments with close ones, seamlessly integrated into their Google Photos app. ‘My Week’ promises just that, if the strings of code unearthed by Android Authority and TheSpAndroid are anything to go by. This feature lets you create a shared memory, curated with your favorite photos, inviting others to view it directly on their Photos homepage. No more album hunting or individual sharing – just a vibrant snapshot of your week, readily accessible.

‘My Week’ highlights:

  • Choose your moments: Select photos that capture the essence of your week.
  • Invite your loved ones: Share the memory with select individuals.
  • Enjoy shared experience: Invitees see your curated selection seamlessly on their Photos homepage.

There’s more! Event albums in Google Photos might also see an upgrade with ‘Real-time albums.’ This feature caters specifically to trips and events, intelligently suggesting photos as you capture them. No need to manually add photos; simply start the album, and Google Photos will do the rest.

‘Real-time Album’ highlights:

  • Start your adventure: Create a real-time album for your trip or event.
  • Capture and contribute: Photos taken during the event are automatically suggested for inclusion.
  • Live memories: The album continuously updates, reflecting your ongoing experience.
  • Mark the end: Once the event concludes, finalize the album, preserving your memories.

While both features are currently hidden in the code, their presence indicates active development. Future updates to Google Photos could bring them to life, enhancing the app’s sharing and curation capabilities. Unless Google decides the features aren’t worth bringing to life, we can expect further details and official announcements soon.

That being said, what do you think? Would ‘My Week’ and ‘Real-time album’ make your photo sharing experience more convenient? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Via: Android Authority, TheSpAndroid

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