Google recently began rolling out a second April update for the Pixel 7 and newer models. While it wasn’t immediately clear what this refreshed build had to offer, a new report shed more light on it. This out-of-cycle update aims to resolve problems that some Pixel owners have been experiencing with missed calls and text messages. As highlighted by 9to5Google, the new update address network issues affecting several Pixel models, including the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, Fold, 8, and 8 Pro.

The update began rolling out on April 17 with new factory and OTA images released for the affected Pixel devices. Verizon customers were the first to receive the on-device OTAs, with Google support reportedly confirming that the update “provides performance improvements for LTE call/data and network issues.”

Google has reportedly acknowledged the release of this additional Pixel update, stating that it includes “network stability and performance improvements.” The company also confirmed that the update would roll out globally to impacted regions and carriers over the coming weeks.

While some users reported missed calls and text messages in recent months, the issue did not affect all Pixel owners. The second April update, weighing under 7 MB, has yet to reach Pixel users on carriers like Google Fi and AT&T, prompting some users to manually sideload the OTA image. If you’ve managed to install the new update, do let us know if it fixed the issue with calls and messages in the comments section below.

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