Update 1 (April 19, 2024)

10:50 am (IST): Today, there are reports that Verizon is rolling out a new OTA update for Pixel phones, which is under 7 MB in size. However, Verizon’s changelogs have not been updated to reflect this. Also, there appears to be no similar OTA update on other carriers like Google Fi.

Original article from April 18 follows:

Google released new software updates for Pixel devices on April 17, 2024. These updates include the April 2024 security patch for Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, Fold, 8, and 8 Pro. However, unlike typical updates, this one isn’t currently available through an on-device notification.

This new April update arrives two weeks after the usual patch which went live for Pixel phones at the start of the month, and is classified as a mid-cycle Android 14 QPR2 release. The new builds are listed on the Factory/OTA images website. We didn’t spot the update for the Pixel Tablet.

The update uses build numbers with “B1” appended for Pixel 7/Pro, 7a, and 8/Pro. The Pixel Fold receives an update from A1 to A2, further suggesting a minor update.

Here’s a breakdown of the update names for each device:

  • Pixel 8 Pro: AP1A.240405.002.B1
  • Pixel 8: AP1A.240405.002.B1
  • Pixel Fold: AP1A.240405.002.A2
  • Pixel 7a: AP1A.240405.002.B1
  • Pixel 7 Pro: AP1A.240405.002.B1
  • Pixel 7: AP1A.240405.002.B1

As of April 18, Pixel users who already have the April security patch won’t see a new notification for this update. Google has not yet provided clarification on this matter. It’s important to note that the next major update, Android 14 QPR3, isn’t expected until June. That said, the new builds likely offer minor improvements and bug-fixes that might have slipped through with the previous release.

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