Gemini, the virtual assistant app, is set to receive a new feature called “Real-time Responses,” according to a recent discovery by code sleuth AssembleDebug, who tipped off PiunikaWeb.

The “Real-time Responses” option, as the name suggests, will allow users to see Gemini’s answers to their queries being generated in real-time, rather than receiving the complete response in one go. This upcoming addition was uncovered within the app by the tipster who managed to manually activate it. Here’s a screenshot for reference:


Once enabled from the Gemini settings menu, the “Real-time Responses” feature will display the assistant’s output as it happens. At present, if you ask Gemini anything, it’ll process the query and give you the results in one go. On the web, however, Gemini has a neat little animation that shows it writing out the responses in real-time. So this same functionality is now coming to the app. Of course, it’s just extra eye-candy and doesn’t really have any practical benefits.

This real-time response capability could potentially make interactions with Gemini feel more natural and conversational, as users won’t have to wait for the full reply before seeing any output. Instead, they’ll be able to follow along as the assistant processes their query and constructs its response piece by piece.

Here’s a video (loads from Imgur) of it in action:

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Apart from that, there’s also a new “Use location from your device” toggle. So you can decide whether or not to grant Gemini location access.

Granted that the feature seems mostly ready, we’ll likely see the setting show up sooner than later. That said, Gemini is also set to finally receive support for music services like Spotify.

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