Google fans eagerly anticipating the successor to the original Pixel Fold may be in for a surprise. According to a recent report by Android Authority, the tech giant could be shaking up its naming conventions and integrating its next foldable device directly into the upcoming Pixel 9 series.

There’s been speculation about a “Pixel Fold 2” for quite some time. However, reliable sources now suggest that this second-generation foldable could arrive under the moniker “Pixel 9 Pro Fold.” This hints at a significant departure from the standalone status of the first Pixel Fold.

If the report proves accurate, the Pixel 9 series looks to be an extensive lineup with four distinct models:

  • Pixel 9: The standard flagship model.
  • Pixel 9 Pro: A premium variant offering potential upgrades in camera, display, and other features.
  • Pixel 9 Pro XL: A larger version of the Pro model, likely boasting a bigger screen. This model should go head-to-head with the likes of iPhone 16 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • Pixel 9 Pro Fold: Google’s next-generation foldable smartphone.

The inclusion of a foldable device within Google’s core Pixel 9 lineup shows that Google is committed to be part of the burgeoning foldable smartphone market. It suggests that the company views its foldable offerings as true flagship contenders rather than niche, experimental products.

While no official word exists from Google itself, software code discovered within the company’s 2024 device development programs seems to validate this naming structure. Previously, the Pixel Fold 2 was codenamed “comet.” But “comet” is now the codename for the Pixel 9 Pro Fold, at least at this point in development.

Of course, it’s worth noting that even confirmed codenames don’t always translate directly into final product names. There’s always a chance Google could adjust the “Pixel 9 Pro Fold” title before its official unveiling. Despite this, the current information provides an interesting glimpse into the company’s potential plans to streamline its smartphone portfolio while further embracing foldable technology.

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