OnePlus and Oppo are shaking up the smartphone scene with a bold move towards integrating Gemini AI models that power the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro into their 2024 line of devices. The two are not new to AI technology, though. We’ve already seen them release devices with an AI Eraser tool that relies on in-house AI model. But this announcement means Google’s AI model will be taking over going forward.

During Google’s Cloud Next event, the tech giant confirmed the partnership with the BBK brands to bring Gemini-powered features to OnePlus and Oppo phones coming out “later this year.” Some of the new capabilities revealed at the event are news summaries and audio recorder summaries akin to the Summarize function on Pixel 8 Pro, and an “AI toolbox.” Interestingly, the brands also hinted at a future AI feature designed to generate content for social media platforms, most likely text and image generation tools.


This integration further cements Google as the go-to company when it comes to smartphone AI, with OnePlus and Oppo joining a growing list of OEMs leaning towards adopting the kind of Gemini AI magic seen on Google Pixel phones, including Apple. By leveraging Google’s advanced Gemini models, you can expect a new level of convenience and innovative ways to interact with your phone.

It gets even more interesting for future owners of OnePlus and Oppo phones, because Google will let them use its most advanced AI model, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, in their phones later this year. This will make their AI performance even more powerful and better than Google’s current flagship, Pixel 8 Pro. But of course, it’s possible that the Pixel 9 series AI features will also be powered by Gemini Ultra.

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