Roughly a month ago, we highlighted the release of a ‘Number search’ (translated from Japanese) feature in the Phone app that went live for Google Pixel devices in Japan. Now it seems Google is preparing to release the same feature dubbed ‘Lookup’ in the Phone app to Pixel users globally.

This interesting development was spotted by the eagled-eyed AssembleDebug who tipped us about the upcoming feature. According to the tipster, the option showed up on the Google Phone app beta version 127.0.620688474. The ‘Lookup’ button appears when you tap on an unknown number in the ‘Recents’ tab of the Phone app. Here’s a screenshot for reference:


Upon tapping the button, you’ll see a list of apps on the device that can handle ‘Web search intent.’ The Google Search app is one of them and thus it showed up. This initiated a search for the number on Google Search. Like with the release in Japan, it seems that the feature is intended to identify calls from businesses who have their contact details on Google, rather than private individuals. So it doesn’t seem like it’ll replace apps like Truecaller. However, it’s possible that we might see integration with such apps once the feature goes live.

For a better look at the functioning of the new ‘Lookup’ function in the Phone app, you can check out the short video below that loads from our Imgur account:

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Granted that the feature went live in Japan with the March Feature Drop, it’s possible that Google might introduce it for users globally with the June Feature Drop. But we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Apart from the ‘Lookup’ function, AssembleDebug also noticed a minor redesign to the in-call UI of the emergency number dialer. I’ve added the before and after screenshots for comparison below:

For those interested in checking out the new ‘Lookup’ function as well as the updated UI of the emergency number dialer, I’ve added the flags you need to enable below. Just keep in mind that need a rooted phone and your mileage may vary:




That said, what are your thoughts on the new ‘Lookup’ feature coming to the Google Phone app for Pixel phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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