Update 1 (April 5, 2024)

12:36 pm (IST): Following suit, Google recently announced an update to their Circle to Search feature. This handy tool is getting a new button that allows for on-screen text translation. The feature is currently rolling out in phases to select users, so keep an eye out for the update.

Original article (from March 28, 2024) follows:

Along with confirming Circle to Search’s arrival on the Pixel 6 series and the 7a, Google also showed off a new skill that’s coming soon. In the blog titled “6 ways to travel smarter this summer using Google tools,” the fifth hack was using translate on Circle to Search.

The feature works almost in the same way as it does on Google Lens. However, with its integration with Circle to Search, you won’t have to switch between apps. So technically, it should be a quicker way to get about translating things you see in any app. I’ve added a video below (loads from our Imgur account) for reference on how the feature would work:

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Google says the new translate feature “will start rolling out in the coming weeks.” For the time-being, Google recommends using the classic Google Lens app to assist you with translations. As someone who uses Google Lens to translate things often, I can’t wait to use this on my Pixel 7a soon.

To use the translate feature once it arrives, just hold the navigation bar or the home button to initiate Circle to Search, then tap the translate button. Easy peasy! With this, you can translate menus, lyrics and whatnot.

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