Google is pulling out all the stops with the upcoming Tensor G4 chipset that will power the Pixel 9 series. After facing criticism over heating issues (1,2) with previous Tensor chips, the company is turning to Samsung’s advanced 4nm process and cutting-edge packaging technology to improve thermal management.

Rumors have been swirling since 2023 that Google would tap Samsung’s 3rd generation 4nm (SF4P) process for the Tensor G4. These claims gained significant credibility following the runaway success of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series driven by the impressive Exynos 2400 chipset built on the same 4nm node, as pointed out by FNnews.

Samsung’s 4nm process offers superior power efficiency and performance over the 5nm process used in the Tensor G3. But in a bid to further rein in thermals, Google is expected to employ Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP) for the Tensor G4.

FOWLP is an advanced chip packaging approach that can improve power efficiency, boost performance, and crucially, enhance heat dissipation. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, Google aims to resolve the overheating woes that have plagued previous Tensor chips.

The combination of Samsung’s latest 4nm fabrication process and FOWLP packaging could be the one-two punch needed to propel the Tensor G4 into flagship chipset territory. Leaks point to impressive performance gains and significantly improved thermal management with this setup.

With the Pixel 9 series slated for release later this year, all eyes are on Google to deliver a powerful and cool-running flagship experience finally on par with rivals like Apple and Qualcomm. If the Tensor G4 lives up to the hype, the Pixel 9 could cement Google’s position as a true contender in the premium smartphone market.

Featured image credits: 91Mobiles / OnLeaks

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