Google is putting its innovative Android developments front and center at the Mobile World Congress event. The tech giant is highlighting the cutting-edge AI features and seamless multi-device experiences that enhance the way we use Android devices, particularly on Google Pixel phones at MWC in Barcelona.

1. Circle to Search: AI-powered search anywhere

Experience the power of AI-driven visual search with the ‘Circle to Search‘ feature. This exciting tool allows you to effortlessly search for anything you see on your phone’s screen. Simply circle an interesting object, landmark, or text, and instantly get relevant information. It’s a fantastic way to learn more about the world around you.


Circle to Search is currently available on select premium Android phones — namely the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

2. Best Take on Pixel 8 & 8 Pro

Never miss the perfect group shot again with ‘Best Take‘ on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. This AI-powered Google Photos feature intelligently analyzes multiple photos of a group, ensuring everyone looks their best in the final shot. Whether someone blinked or turned away at the wrong moment, Best Take ensures you capture every smile and happy expression.


3. Pixel Fold’s Dual Screen interpreter mode

The Google Pixel Fold’s unique design offers an enhanced experience with its Dual Screen interpreter mode. This mode assists in breaking down language barriers by displaying live translations of your conversation on both screens of the unfolded device. It provides a seamless and natural way to converse, especially helpful when exploring new places and meeting new people.


4. New Android Auto features: Safer and more convenient messaging

Experience the latest Android Auto advancements with new messaging features designed for safer driving experiences. Now, Android Auto uses AI to automatically summarize long messages, even entire group conversations, while suggesting relevant replies. Stay connected without taking your eyes or hands off the wheel.


Test drive these features in the cutting-edge BMW i5 M60 and explore the growing selection of Android Auto apps, including productivity tools like Zoom and smart home apps.

5. AI shaping the future

Google’s DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis and tech journalist Steven Levy sat down on February 26 for a fascinating fireside chat titled “A New Era of Intelligence.” Get inspired as they explore the transformative potential of AI in tackling significant global challenges and revolutionizing how we create and interact with the world around us. You can check out more about the interview here.

6. Google x McLaren partnership

Witness the collaboration between Google and McLaren Racing, where technology drives peak performance. McLaren’s Formula 1 team utilizes Android devices, the Chrome browser, and other Google tools for everything from streamlined team communication to meticulous track data analysis. Google’s innovation played a crucial role in McLaren achieving a world-record pit stop of just 1.80 seconds! Google and McLaren just announced extension of their partnership too.

Don’t miss out!

If you’re attending MWC Barcelona, head to Android Avenue between Halls 2 and 3 for to check out cool Google Pixel features and more. Keep an eye out for the Android Bot throughout the event, even in interactive holograms! For those joining remotely, take part in the fun by customizing your own Android Bot online.

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