McLaren Racing and Google have just revved up their partnership, with the Google Pixel phone poised to be a key technological player in the upcoming Formula 1 and Extreme E seasons. This collaboration promises to spotlight the capabilities of Google’s Android ecosystem at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Last year, you might recall McLaren achieved a world-record pit stop of just 1.8 seconds. Google’s Android devices, including Pixel phones, were instrumental in this success. The pit crew used them to rapidly analyze practice videos and communicate crucial insights, allowing them to refine their techniques with surgical precision.

This year, expect Google Pixel phones to become even more integrated into McLaren’s operations. They’ll play an enhanced role in how McLaren leverages cutting-edge technology to gain that all-important competitive edge.

But the partnership isn’t just about hardware. McLaren will tap into Google Cloud’s advanced AI technologies to help analyze and visualize vast amounts of race data. This could provide valuable insights across the team, including radio communications, allowing for better strategic decision-making during races.

Image credits: Google

McLaren and Google aren’t stopping there. They’re focused on finding innovative ways to use AI to streamline processes and optimize resources across the board. The expanded partnership will see a prominent increase in Google Pixel branding throughout the McLaren teams. Google Chrome, Android and Pixel logos will be proudly displayed on:

  • The McLaren MCL38 Formula 1 car.
  • McLaren Formula 1 pit crew overalls.
  • Team kits.
  • McLaren Formula 1 drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri’s racing suits.

The Google Pixel logo will also continue to feature on the NEOM McLaren Extreme E race car and the Extreme E team’s drivers’ suits.

Fans who want a hands-on look at this exciting collaboration can visit the McLaren F1 demo space within the Google Android booth at Mobile World Congress between February 26-29, 2024.

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