Google’s next-generation foldable, the Pixel Fold 2, has been the subject of intense speculation, and new leaks have shed even more light on the anticipated device. A 360-degree video and 5K renders, courtesy of OnLeaks and SmartPrix, offer a detailed glimpse of the Pixel Fold 2, showcasing exciting design changes and fresh specifications.

Controversial new design

The renders reveal a significant departure from the original Pixel Fold’s design language. The most striking change is a squared-off camera bump, a stark contrast to the Pixel line’s signature aesthetic. This is something we saw with the initial hands-on leak and a fan-made render too. Additionally, the device boasts a revised, taller aspect ratio on both the cover and inner displays, resembling the OnePlus Open foldable.


The Pixel Fold 2 is expected to feature a substantial 6.4-inch cover display, a significant upgrade from the previous model. Folded, the device’s dimensions will be approximately 155.2 x 77.1 x 10.54mm, making it noticeably taller, thinner, and potentially the thinnest foldable in North America.

The internal display is also getting an upgrade, increasing to 7.9 inches and likely sporting a squarer aspect ratio. Notably, it will use an in-display camera, resulting in much slimmer bezels for an uninterrupted viewing experience. The Pixel Fold 2 appears to adopt design elements from competitors like the OnePlus Open. This includes a revamped hinge that could potentially lead to a lighter device.


While the Pixel Fold 2 offers exciting upgrades, the leaked design suggests Google may be prioritizing a ‘safe’ design over the distinct aesthetic of the original Pixel Fold. Whether this shift resonates with fans remains to be seen.

Anticipated launch

Rumors suggest the Pixel Fold 2 will be powered by the Tensor G4 chip, potentially aligning its launch with the Pixel 9 series in the fall. So we might just have to wait much longer to see Google’s next-gen foldable than expected.


The Google Pixel Fold 2 promises substantial improvements in display size, form factor, and potentially a lighter design. However, the radical departure from the established Pixel aesthetic might be a point of contention for some fans.

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