Update 1 (March 7, 2024)

02:30 pm (IST): Google is rolling out a new update with the March security patch that introduces 34 bug fixes and improvements. Among them are telephony fixes that may address the issue with voice calls on the Pixel 8 and other Pixel phones when connected to Android Auto through Bluetooth. Google doesn’t explicitly mention it, but the fix targeting routing calls via Bluetooth devices may apply to this glitch, so be sure to install the update and let us know in the comments if it solves your problem.

  • Fix for issue in routing calls to connected Bluetooth devices under certain conditions
  • Fix for issue unable to make or receive calls occasionally in certain conditions

Original article (from Feb. 21, 2024) follows:

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro owners are facing a frustrating dilemma when using Android Auto where they can’t hear any voice when making phone calls in cars. Reports are pointing to a widespread bug that mutes both incoming and outgoing audio during voice calls while connected to cars through Android Auto, both wired and wirelessly.

This issue seems to plague Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users specifically, as some of those who switched from earlier Pixel models say they didn’t have it. Apparently, it’s not possible to make phone calls though the car speakers. Any attempts to establish a Bluetooth connection with the car to make a voice call, the connection fails. However, wired connection works fine with Android Auto when streaming music to car speakers, but audio stops working when receiving a call or making a call, forcing the voice to go through the phone’s speakers with no option to switch back to car speakers.

Some Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users claim they are also experiencing this issue and in fact, it started after upgrading to Android 14. However, iPhone users are reportedly unaffected. As for most Pixel 8 users, the problem apparently arose after the December 2023 update. This suggests a potential software-related glitch unique to Android 14 and Pixel devices.


It’s even more frustrating for users who have gone through multiple Pixel 8 replacements only to find the issue persisting on the newer units. This longstanding occurrence and lack of resolution paint a concerning picture of a potentially significant bug. What’s more annoying is that not even the latest February 2024 update and January Google Play System updates have anything on this bug, but a glimmer of hope exists. A couple of users claim the workaround below worked for them and although not as clear, it’s what you’d expect from an unofficial fix. However, this remains an unofficial solution, but hopefully Google will provide an official fix sooner or later.


Alternatively, you may have to resort to speaker phone when making phone calls in Android Auto. Still, this silence during calls on Android Auto not only disrupts communication but also raises safety concerns, especially while driving. Affected Pixel 8 users will have to wait for Google to acknowledge and address this critical issue. Hopefully, your voices will be heard before the bug mutes them completely.

This isn’t the only Android Auto issue that Pixel users are dealing with. Google is also working on a fix for the wireless connection bug that has been plaguing Pixel users after Android 14 update, so hopefully this addresses the missing audio during voice calls on Android Auto.

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