Soon after Android 14 started rolling out, multiple Google Pixel users came out to complain that Android Auto was not working properly for them due to a connection issue, both wired and wireless. The matter was escalated to the Android Auto team for further examination, but subsequent Android updates didn’t address the glitch.

More reports came in through the December security update, including users of the newer Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. With Android 14 rollout in full swing on Samsung and other brands, more reports kept coming in, this time involving non-Pixel users. All this pointed to a widespread connection issue between Android 14 devices and Android Auto.

Due to the growing number of reports from multiple car models and brands, the Android Auto team stepped in. There was no ready fix, but the team requested those affected to file bug reports for further investigation. Two more Android updates have been pushed to Pixel devices, the latest bringing February 2024 security patch. However, reports in the forum can confirm this issue still persists even after installing the latest build and updating Android Auto to the latest version.


Although frustrating, affected Android Auto users with Android 14 devices have something to smile about. At the death of last month, the Android Auto team confirmed that the connection issue affecting Android Auto users following the update to Android 14 has been identified. While there are no specifics, the fix is said to be “coming soon” via an Android OS update.

This statement was made before the February update rolled out, so naturally those affected expected to receive the said fix with this update. But as noted from the reports above, the issue is still present in the latest stable build for Pixel users. The story isn’t different for Samsung Galaxy users who’ve already bagged the latest February security patch based on Android 14 and One UI 6.


The next big Android OS update is scheduled to arrive next month for Google Pixel users with the March Pixel Feature Drop. Perhaps this is when Pixel users can expect this connection issue with Android Auto to be resolved. However, it remains unclear whether the March 2024 security update will also fix the same Android 14 issues affecting devices from other brands or if Google will roll out an Android Auto update to address the issue. Whatever the case, it’s great to see that the issue is finally getting a permanent solution.

Featured image: Seb2 / Android Auto forum

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