Google’s December Feature Drop for Pixel phones might have brought new bells and whistles, but for some users, it also threw a wrench in their driving routines. Reports have surfaced of widespread issues with Android Auto wireless connection not working, leaving Pixel owners stuck without their in-car infotainment companion.

The brunt of the trouble seems to be hitting users with Sony XAV-AX4000 and XAV-AX6000 head units, though others using different car models and Pixel devices have also chimed in. The common theme? After the Pixel December update, Android Auto simply refuses to launch wirelessly, leaving frustrated drivers staring at blank screens with no error messages. This development has sparked frustration among users, and reports on Reddit and Android Auto community forum indicate that the glitch disrupts the Android Auto experience, rendering it non-functional for a subset of Pixel users.

One affected individual, who participated in the Android Beta program with a Pixel 7, shared their experience, stating, “The moment the first Android 14 QPR1 beta came out, Android Auto stopped working for me. Re-pairing the phone, clearing the AA app data, and even factory restoring the phone didn’t help.” Another Pixel 6a owner echoes the sentiment: “Android Auto won’t start when connected via Bluetooth. Pressing ‘Start Android Auto’ does nothing. Wired connection works fine, but that defeats the purpose of wireless!”


These sentiments are echoed by other users facing similar predicaments, pointing towards a potential correlation with the latest Android 14 QPR1 update. Those encountering the glitch on different Pixel models, including the Pixel 6a and Pixel 8 Pro, have reported issues such as Android Auto connection not working via Bluetooth with Sony XAV-AX4000 or in some cases, experiencing successful wireless connections that yield no actual functionality. Attempts to troubleshoot the problem, such as factory resets, cache clearing, and app reinstallation, have proven futile for many.

The frustration is palpable, as many rely on Android Auto for navigation, music streaming, and hands-free communication while driving. With the wireless option out of commission, they’re left with the hassle of cables when using the app. While the issue primarily affects Sony head units, reports from users with Toyota RAV4s, Honda Civics, and even other Pixel/car combinations suggest a wider problem lurking beneath the December update’s hood.

The good news? Google appears to be aware of the issue. Pixel community forums and support channels are abuzz with user reports, and Google is requesting for more information to assist with the investigation. Granted, a fix should arrive soon, although I cannot give you a specific date.


Until then, the only options seem to be sticking with the wired connection or hoping luck strikes and your particular car/phone combo escapes the wireless woes. For those heavily reliant on wireless Android Auto, it’s a bumpy road ahead, but hopefully, a quick patch will soon clear the way for smooth sailing.

Featured image: Sony

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