Ever encountered a glitch in your favorite Google app and wanted to report it? Or perhaps you had a brilliant idea to improve its functionality? Well, brace yourself for a smoother feedback experience! Google has recently given the ‘Send feedback’ tool found in its apps a much-needed makeover, aiming for a more user-friendly and step-by-step approach.

Previously, accessing the ‘Send feedback’ option meant navigating through settings, often finding it tucked away in the ‘Help & feedback’ section. This led to a full-screen interface with a text field, account picker, and the ability to attach screenshots and system logs. While functional, it lacked a clear and engaging flow.

Google streamlines in-app feedback tool

The new design takes a conversational approach, guiding users through a step-by-step process. It starts with a clear summary: ‘Answer a few questions, Edit your screenshot, and Share your feedback.’ This concise overview sets the stage for a focused interaction.


For instance, in case of Play Store app, you’re first asked if you’re ‘Reporting an issue’ or ‘Suggesting an idea.’ This initial choice helps Google categorize your feedback and route it to the appropriate team.


If you choose ‘Report an issue,’ a list of predefined options appears, including ‘Download/install an app,’ ‘Make in-app purchase,’ and ‘Get a refund.’ These options streamline the process, allowing you to quickly pinpoint your specific problem.


Next comes the familiar text field, now accompanied by voice input functionality for added convenience. You can also attach a screenshot and use editing tools to highlight specific areas of concern.


Finally, Google asks if you’d like them to ’email you for more information or updates.’ This option keeps the communication channel open, allowing Google to gather additional details if needed.

According to 9to5Google, some reports claim this redesigned in-app feedback tool has been there for months in Android. However, it’s not yet available in Google Messages, and they are only seeing this design in Gmail on iOS. I can verify that the updated tool is available on the Play Store, Google Photos, and Google Maps, however, Google Messages continues to utilize the older feedback tool.

Overall, revamped Google app feedback tool represents a positive step towards improving user engagement and understanding. By simplifying the process and making it more conversational, Google hopes to gather valuable insights that will ultimately lead to better products and experiences for everyone.

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