Rumors have been swirling around the highly anticipated Pixel 8a, Pixel 9 series, and Pixel Fold 2, and now, a mysterious UL Demko certification has thrown fuel into the fire. This single listing, with its tantalizing detail of a 4,942mAh battery, has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, leaving us to piece together the puzzle of which Pixel device will be blessed with this powerhouse battery.


What has this UL Demko certification to do with Google Pixel phone battery?

UL Demko certifications serve as a safety gatekeeper, ensuring smartphones comply with essential standards before hitting the market. Enter the unnamed Google smartphone with the model number GH2MB. This cryptic string might not mean much to the average user, but to tech sleuths like us, it’s a treasure trove of potential clues. The UL Demko certification confirms a beefy battery rated at 4,942mAh for a new Pixel phone, which Google will likely market as a more user-friendly 5,000mAh or 5,040mAh.

Pixel 8a: A modest boost or a bold leap?

The Pixel 7a, last year’s mid-range champion, sported a respectable 4,385mAh battery. If the GH2MB belongs to the upcoming Pixel 8a, we’d be looking at an impressive 11.27% increase in battery power. But hold your horses! Compared to the Pixel 6a, the 7a actually saw a slight decrease. So, a massive 11.27% jump seems a bit far-fetched for the budget-conscious 8a.

Pixel Fold 2 maybe then?

Now, let’s shift our focus to the foldable front-runner, the Pixel Fold 2. The original Pixel Fold sported a decent 4,821mAh battery. If the UL Demko listing points towards the Fold 2, a 2.5% increase to 4,942mAh sounds much more plausible. This aligns with the incremental upgrades expected from a second-generation device. But is this the final answer? Not quite.

Surely Pixel 9 series then

Remember, the Pixel 9 series are also on the horizon, with an October release expected. Currently, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro boast 4,575mAh and 5,050mAh batteries, respectively. If we were to compare the leaked battery size to these upcoming flagships, it would translate to an 8% increase for the Pixel 9 and a 2.1% decrease for the 9 Pro. These numbers don’t quite align with the typical upgrade patterns for flagship devices, making the case for 9 Pro less likely.

This leave us with an exciting puzzle missing its final piece. While the Pixel 8a might benefit from a substantial battery boost, the timing and historical trends cast doubt on this possibility. The Pixel Fold 2, with its anticipated incremental upgrades, seems like a more logical candidate. However, everything is speculative at this moment. So, stay tuned, because the next chapter in the Pixel saga is about to unfold.

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