In a move that could shake up the mobile browsing landscape, Microsoft Edge is adding support for extensions on Android, a feature that Google Chrome, the dominant player in the mobile browser market, currently lacks. This development gives Edge a significant edge (no pun intended) over its competitor and sets the stage for a potential shift in the way users browse the web on their smartphones.

The news, first spotted by X user Leopeva64, reveals that the latest pre-release builds of Microsoft Edge for Android quietly added support for extensions. This allows users to install add-ons on the browser just like they do on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome desktop clients.


The functionality is still in its early stages and is currently hidden behind a flag in Edge version 123. However, it is expected to graduate to the stable channel in the coming weeks. Some popular extensions such as Dark Reader, Global Speed, and uBlock Origin are already available in the Edge for Android “Extensions Beta” page.


While there is no word on whether Google Chrome will follow suit and offer extension support on Android, Microsoft’s move could pave the way for a wider selection of extensions in the future, as both Edge and Chrome are built on the same Chromium engine. Theoretically, Microsoft Edge’s pioneering move establishes a strong foundation for the integration of extensions on mobile devices.

This is a significant development for Microsoft Edge, as it will make the browser more competitive and perhaps even more appealing to Android users than Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser. After all, extensions can add a variety of features and functionality to a browser, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

Featured image: Microsoft

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