To ensure spam fatigue becomes a thing of the past, AT&T is now rolling out a revolutionary new feature for its customers that adds brand logos and names to incoming calls. In partnership with TransUnion, this innovative technology will identify incoming calls from verified businesses by displaying their brand names and logos directly on your phone screen. This means no more squinting at unknown numbers or playing the “who is it?” guessing game.

Powered by TransUnion’s “TruContact” verification system, the call logo feature adds a layer of trust and clarity to your calling experience. You don’t have to deal with robocalls and phishing attempts masquerading as legitimate businesses. With verified names and logos popping up, you’ll instantly know if that incoming call is from your bank, favorite pizza place, or trusted delivery service. This change negates the need for a special app on your phone to see the caller’s brand logo. Furthermore, the branded calls with logos “are verified with STIR/SHAKEN, a set of standards used to help confirm the number has not been illegally spoofed.”

According to TransUnion:

Both of these are industry firsts for branded call displays, thanks to TruContactTM Branded Call Display, powered by Neustar®. If a business is participating in the program, AT&T wireless customers will be able to easily recognize and have more confidence in the identity of the caller.1 This helps customers to decide more accurately which calls they want to answer.


AT&T senior vice president of Mass Markets Product Management, Erin Scarborough, says the carrier is “obsessed with giving our customers secure and trusted calls, so we’re excited to work with TransUnion for a richer, more helpful visual experience.” This should ensure AT&T customers connect to the brands they may want with greater confidence.

Apparently, the branded call display feature is available on select Android devices like the Galaxy S22 series and Motorola Razr series, along with iPhones running iOS 17 and above. However, AT&T says broader Android compatibility that’ll likely include Google Pixel phones is coming in the near future. So, whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an iPhone aficionado, peace of mind awaits with this exciting update.

This feature isn’t just about convenience; it’s about empowerment. With brand names and logos adding transparency to your AT&T calls, you’ll be better equipped to decide which ones deserve your attention and which ones can be confidently sent straight to voicemail.

Featured image: AT&T

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