Update 1 (March 7, 2024)

12:25 pm (IST): Google seems to be making some progress with the development of this feature. Apparently, Google has slightly tweaked the feature’s UI. Instead of a separate UI for voice recording, there’s now a new voice recording button inside the input box.


Original article (from Jan. 22, 2024) follows:

Gmail is reportedly brewing a feature that could change the way you draft emails on your Google Pixel phone: voice dictation. No more tapping out text-based prompts – simply speak your thoughts and let AI do the heavy lifting. Cute, right?

AssembleDebug, a reliable source for Google app scoops, broke the news after discovering hidden code within the Gmail app that points towards a voice-to-text drafting feature. This functionality should build upon existing voice typing options, but with a crucial difference: it wouldn’t just transcribe your words, it would use them to compose an entire email with the help of Gmail’s powerful AI.

Imagine this scenario: you’re on the go, rushing to catch a train. A quick email needs to be sent, but typing on your phone simply isn’t an option. With the ability to draft email with voice, you’ll simply tap the mic button within the Gmail app, dictate your message, and watch as the AI weaves your words into a coherent email draft.

The report points to a seamless experience within the Gmail app. When you start a new email or reply, the voice interface activates automatically, ready to capture your spoken thoughts once you hit the mic button. As you speak, your words appear on-screen, offering real-time feedback. Once satisfied, hit “Create” and the AI takes over, crafting an email tailored to your specifications.

While an exact rollout date remains a mystery (the hidden strings date back to October 2023), the signs are promising. This feature holds immense potential, boosting productivity and making email composition more accessible, particularly for those with typing limitations. The ability to draft emails using voice commands was spotted in Gmail version 2023.12.31.599526178.Release, but a special flag is required to enable it, meaning regular Pixel users still don’t have access.

Meanwhile, Gmail has recently made it easier for users on Google Pixel and other Android devices to “Unsubscribe” from email subscriptions. You can read about it in this article.

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