Some Pixel 7 users are already grappling with a problem where photos are turning dark due to an out-of-sync flash. And now an old issue has resurfaced, causing the screen of their Pixel 7 to turn green when watching content on Netflix.

This issue has been bothering users for quite some time, and it seems to persist even after several software updates. According to user reports, the screen turns green mostly while watching Netflix, but it can also happen with other streaming apps or videos.


The green screen is not a tint, but a complete color change that makes everything look like a green monochrome. The phone still functions normally, but the display becomes unusable. This issue is somewhat similar to the green screen flickering issue that surfaced after Android 14 update. But in this case, it’s triggered when streaming on Netflix.


Some users have found that rebooting the phone temporarily fixes the issue, but it comes back after a while. Others have tried changing the display settings, such as night light mode, adaptive brightness, or color mode, but none of them seems to work. There is no official solution from Google or Netflix yet, and the cause of the problem is also unclear.

Given that a reboot temporarily addresses the issue, it strongly suggests a software bug. However, the precise cause remains unknown. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution available at this time, and neither Google nor Netflix has officially acknowledged the problem. We hope that the green screen issue of Pixel 7 gets resolved soon as it not only diminishes the Netflix streaming experience but also renders the screen entirely green.

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