Ever cringe when an app clumsily addresses you with the wrong pronoun? Well, it seems people at Google are not fans of this, and as a result, the latest Android 14 QPR2 beta 2 update has a new user-centric solution to the awkward dance of app pronouns that puts the power of personalization in your hands.

Gone are the days of adjusting the way apps address you within each app’s settings page. The update to Android 14 QPR2 beta 2 introduces a dedicated ‘Terms of address’ page that’ll likely live under Regional preferences. Here, you get to define your preferred pronouns, be it feminine, masculine, neutral, or a custom choice. This system-wide setting eliminates the need for repetitive in-app adjustments, ensuring consistency and comfort across all your apps. This should eliminate clunky gendered greetings or mismatched pronouns since apps will address you with your personal identity.


This feature, currently hidden in QPR2 beta 2, hints at a future where digital interactions feel more natural and inclusive. Imagine news articles crafted with your preferred pronoun, social media interactions free from awkward assumptions, and even games where characters acknowledge your identity.

While the full-fledged ‘Terms of address’ page isn’t yet available, the presence of a similar option to set the grammatical gender in the developer options offers a promising glimpse into a more personalized Android experience. With this update, Android takes a significant step towards inclusivity, empowering users to dictate how they’re addressed in the digital world. So, get ready to wave goodbye to pronoun hiccups in Android and embrace a future where your apps speak your gender.

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