Hulu, a popular streaming platform cherished for its vast content library, has recently left some of its users perturbed. The problem at hand is simple yet frustrating as American Horror Story is not loading or glitched on Hulu.

What used to be an effortless journey through the series and captivating world of ‘American Horror Story’ has now become a daunting task, and viewers are grappling with an unsettling void on their screens.

American Horror Story not loading on Hulu

Viewers who were, until recently, enjoying their show without a hitch, are now in distress. They find themselves presented with a list of seasons but are unable to select an episode. For these viewers, what used to be a daily ritual of diving into the dark and chilling narratives of the series has been abruptly halted.

American Horror Story not loading
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The issue rears its head when viewers attempt to continue watching an episode or simply navigate to the series page. However, instead of the expected content, they are greeted by an infuriating blank screen. Clicking on any of the available seasons produces no result, leaving viewers perplexed and frustrated.

This problem has caught many by surprise, as they had been watching ‘American Horror Story’ seamlessly for days, if not weeks, before the bug surfaced. What’s more perplexing is that even logging in and out of their Hulu accounts doesn’t resolve the issue. Users across various devices and web browsers have reported experiencing the same disheartening problem.

Issue acknowledged

Thankfully, Hulu’s support team has taken quick notice of the issue. They’ve acknowledged the problem and are actively working on a solution.

Hulu Support

Potential workaround

While Hulu is working on a permanent fix, some users have discovered a workaround. Here’s how it works:

    1. Go to the ‘Extras’ section of the American Horror Story.
    2. Select and play a trailer.
    3. Allow the trailer to play through to its conclusion without interruption.

Users who have tried this workaround have reported that, once the trailer ends, the episode they were last watching automatically resumes playing.

Note: You can also check out our Hulu bugs and issues tracker for more related information.

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