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On this page, we are tracking the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update on multiple fronts, including it’s release to various Samsung phones, the new features it brings along, as well as what all bugs & issues it’s plagued with. Keep in mind the tracker was created at a time when the Samsing One UI 6.0 update wasn’t official, so expect some old info in here.
However, our team is trying hard continously to keep it updated and reader friendly, making sure the latest and most important bits of information appear upfront and easy to access. In case you have any feedback related to this tracker page, you are welcome to share that in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
This tracker is currently divided into the following sections:
    • A One UI 6.0 update rollout section that gives you the latest tidbids related to the release process as one-liners
    • A section giving you device specific status of the update rollout in a tabular format
    • Bugs and issues section
  • A One UI 6.0 features-specific section that informs you about what all is new in One UI 6.0 (until the update goes official)

One UI 6.0 update rollout info by date

Note: The time of the update is mentioned in IST and is in 24-hour format. Also note, the text updates will show up in descending order with the latest coming at top.

[Oct. 30, 2023; 11:48]: One UI 6.0 stable update live for the Galaxy S23 lineup.

[Oct. 27, 2023; 17:48]: Samsung released the second One UI 6.0 update for the Galaxy F23 in India.

[Oct. 26, 2023; 18:11]: New One UI Stable build for the Galaxy S22 updated on EUX and EUY test servers.

[Oct. 26, 2023; 18:05]: Recent reports suggest that One UI 6 stable update can rollout soon.

[Oct. 26, 2023; 18:02]: One UI 6.1 upgrade will likely debut with Galaxy S24 next year and will be gradually rolled out to more Galaxy devices.

[Oct. 26, 2023; 17:58]: The new Galaxy S22 ZWJM build is now available on test servers of EUX, EUY and Korea.

[Oct. 26, 2023; 17:55]: Ninth One UI 6 beta update is live in the US, Germany, UK, and India.

[Oct. 25, 2023; 16:30]: One UI 6.0 beta 3 update rollout for the S22 lineup has been delayed to fix various glitches.

[Oct. 25, 2023; 16:25]: The ninth beta update is now available for the Galaxy S23 series in Germany, the U.S., and the U.K. It is expected that the update will also be released in Korea, Poland, and India in the next few hours.

[Oct. 24, 2023; 18:13]: According to a recent announcement, Samsung will soon release the third beta upgrade for the Galaxy S22 lineup.

[Oct. 24, 2023; 16:38]: Stable OS update will most likely roll out to Galaxy S23 users next week. Those who have signed up for the beta program will be the first to receive the update.

[Oct. 23, 2023; 17:52]: One UI 6 will be the last update for the Galaxy A72, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy A52s, Galaxy A23, Galaxy A13, Galaxy M42, Galaxy M23, Galaxy M13, Galaxy F23, Galaxy F13, and Galaxy F42 5G.

[Oct. 23, 2023; 17:48]: One UI 6.0 stable build also spotted on China’s test servers.

[Oct. 23, 2023; 17:45]: Before releasing the stable version, Samsung will most likely release another One UI 6.0 beta build.

[Oct. 20, 2023; 18:00]: One UI 6 beta 3 update now live for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in South Korea.

[Oct. 20, 2023; 17:30]: First One UI 6.0 beta update for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 is live in South Korea.

[Oct. 20, 2023; 16:10]: Samsung has released the One UI 6 beta 8 update for the S23 series in the U.S.

[Oct. 20, 2023; 16:00]: Galaxy Z Fold 5 users in Germany, India, the UK, and Poland can now download the third OneUI 6.0 beta.

[Oct. 19, 2023; 18:17]: The third One UI 6 beta update is now live for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 in the US.

[Oct. 19, 2023; 15:55]: One UI 6.0 beta 8 update has been released for the Galaxy S23 series in Germany, India, and the U.K.

[Oct. 19, 2023; 14:20]: Fresh reports indicate that new One UI 6 stable builds for the Galaxy S23 series are available on the India, Korea, Turkey, and Europe test servers.

[Oct. 16, 2023; 18:22]: The Galaxy S23 series is expected to get the stable One UI 6 update first.

[Oct. 16, 2023; 18:14]: Samsung has begun registrations for the beta program for Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 users in India.

[Oct. 16, 2023; 18:08]: The first beta update for Galaxy A52 released in South Korea.

[Oct. 16, 2023; 18:04]: One UI 6.0 beta 7 update has been released for the S23 series in South Korea, Germany, the U.K and India.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:28]: Galaxy A53 bags the OneUI 6 Beta 2 update.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:24]: Samsung unveiled the first beta update for Galaxy Z Fold 4 in South Korea.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:22]: Second beta update for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 has been released by Samsung.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:16]: Samsung Galaxy F23 also gets the first Android 14 based beta update.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:12]: Registrations open for the One UI 6 Beta update for Galaxy Z Flip 4.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:08]: Galaxy A34 gets the One UI 6 Beta 2 update in India.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:04]: One UI 6.0 beta update is now live for Galaxy S21 series in the USA.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:02]: The second One UI 6 beta update released for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in India.

[Oct. 13, 2023; 18:00]: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 gets the first OneUI 6 beta update in US.

[Oct. 12, 2023; 12:48]: One UI 6 beta update released for the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in South Korea.

[Oct. 12, 2023; 12:44]: Samsung Galaxy S22 gets the second One UI 6 beta update in the UK.

[Oct. 12, 2023; 12:40]: One UI 6 beta 6 update has been released for the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup.

[Oct. 6, 2023; 12:52]: The first One UI 6.0 beta update has been released for Galaxy Z Fold 5.

[Oct. 03, 2023; 15:20]: Samsung is reportedly testing One UI 6.0 (Android 14) beta on Galaxy Tab A8 and Tab A7 Lite.

[Sept. 28, 2023; 12:41]: Galaxy S23 beta 5 released in the UK.

a. [12:44]: Galaxy A53 beta available in India.

b. [17:49]: Beta delayed for Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Flip 5.

[Sept. 26, 2023; 12:01]: Galaxy S22 gets beta in India.

[Sept. 25, 2023; 15:08]: Galaxy S23 gets beta 4 in the US.

[Sept. 21, 2023; 18:08]: Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3, Fold 4 & Flip 4 beta coming in October.

a. [18:21]: Beta available for Galaxy S21 in South Korea.

[Sept. 19, 2023; 18:08]: Galaxy S22 gets the beta update in South Korea.

[Sept. 14, 2023; 18:02]: Galaxy S23 beta 3 released (US, Germany, India & the UK).

[Sept. 11, 2023; 10:27]: Galaxy A54 gets the beta update in the UK.

a. [18:26]: Beta available for Galaxy A34 in UK.

[Sept. 8, 2023; 14:25]: Beta available for Galaxy A54 in South Korea.

a. [14:26]: Galaxy S23 locked on Google-Fi (1, 2) beta in the US.

[Sept. 1, 2023; 14:50]: Beta 2 released for Galaxy S23 (Germany & Korea).

[Aug. 31, 2023; 19:00]: Samsung has recently released the One UI 6 Beta update for the Galaxy S23 series in India.

[Aug. 29, 2023; 09:59]: Samsung is set to release the One UI 6.0 Beta 2 update for the Galaxy S23 series in China this week.

[Aug. 21, 2023; 16:47]: Galaxy S22 beta forum now live.

[Aug. 15, 2023; 16:30]: Galaxy S23 beta available in India, China, UK & Poland.

a. [17:25]: Galaxy S23 beta 1 hotfix update released (Korea).

b. [18:00]: Google Pay and Samsung Pay are not supported on the One UI 6.0 beta.

[Aug. 11, 2023; 14:36]: Beta released for Galaxy S23 (Korea, Germany & the US).

[Aug. 10, 2023; 15:35]: Beta release has been delayed again for Galaxy S23.

Update 10 [Aug. 8, 2023; 10:55]: Galaxy S23 beta delayed for a day due to sever issues.

[Aug. 3, 2023; 16:29]: Galaxy S23 beta delayed due to bugs.

[Jul. 31, 2023; 17:36]: Samsung Members app revamped ahead of beta release.

[Jul. 27, 2023; 12:39]: Galaxy S23 beta to arrive on August 2.

[Jul. 25, 2023; 14:30]: Galaxy S23 beta forum now live.

[Jul. 19, 2023; 09:44]: Galaxy A34 & Galaxy A52s internal testing.

[Jul. 18, 2023; 11:44]: Galaxy S21 update under internal testing.

[Jul. 4, 2023; 11:04]: Galaxy S23 beta coming in 3rd week of July.

[Jul. 3, 2023; 12:11]: Galaxy S23 beta update under internal testing.

[Jun. 5, 2023; 12:11]: Android 14 beta coming soon for Galaxy S23.


Samsung One UI 6.0 update rollout info by device

You can checkout the OneUI 6.0 release status for your device in the table below:
Device name Beta Status Stable Status Notes
Galaxy S23 Beta 9   Available  
Galaxy S23+ Beta 9   Available  
Galaxy S23 Ultra Beta 9   Available  
Galaxy S22 Beta 2    
Galaxy S22+ Beta 2    
Galaxy S22 Ultra Beta 2    
Galaxy S21 Beta    
Galaxy S21+ Beta    
Galaxy S21 Ultra Beta    
Galaxy S21 FE    Expected in Nov. 2023  
Galaxy Z Fold 5 Beta 3    
Galaxy Z Flip 5 Beta 3    
Galaxy Z Fold 4 Beta    
Galaxy Z Flip 4 Beta    
Galaxy Fold 3 Beta    
Galaxy Flip 3 Beta    
Galaxy F23 Beta 2    
Galaxy A54 Beta    
Galaxy A73      
Galaxy A53 Beta 2    
Galaxy A33      
Galaxy Tab S8    Expected in Nov. 2023  
Galaxy Tab S8+    Expected in Nov. 2023  
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra    Expected in Nov. 2023  
Galaxy A34 Beta 2    
Galaxy A52s Beta    
Galaxy Tab A8 Internal testing    
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Internal testing    

One UI 6.0 bugs, issues, and problems

The table below is being continously updated by our team.

Info last
updated on
Affected Channel
or Platform
Affected Device/s Bug/Issue description Current Status Workarounds
Sept. 15, 2023 Beta 3 Galaxy S23 Randomly rebooting Reportedly acknowledged Available
Oct. 10, 2023 Beta 6 Galaxy S23 Samsung Expert RAW app broken Unacknowledged  
Oct. 16, 2023 Beta 6 Galaxy S23 Ultra Touch failure in the home screen and gallery apps Unacknowledged  
Oct. 26, 2023 Beta 9 Galaxy S23 Screen flashing or flickering when quickly using gestures Partially fixed  
Oct. 23, 2023 Beta 8 Galaxy S23 Widgets open and close animations need more optimizations Unacknowledged  
Oct. 23, 2023 Beta 8 Galaxy S23 Battery life decreased after installing the update Unacknowledged  

One UI 6.0 update – Key features

Pleas note that we’ll maintain a table below in case the update isn’t official yet. However, when the update is officially released, we will replace the tables with the official info.


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